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    Sooooo true @claret, I tried moderation a number of times thinking I would have that one glass of smooth sophisticated red only to find ( no surprise) that I was a red-eyed, blotchy somewhat incoherent mess usually with a red wine stain down my top within a few hours. Not classy, sophisticated and NOT fun in any way. It’s a lovely hangover free Sunday, enjoy. x

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    @lucy you are a bloody star! I am on day 26 and feel like a different person, calmer and so much happier. Thank you for your posts they have helped me start my sober journey. x

    • So true about slowing the day down and enjoying the moments. The day used to drag and I am ashamed to say I wished the time away do I could get to drinking time.

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    Hi @clairet good to hear you are back on the sober road. I am doing really well thank you, keeping myself busy with gardening, more gardening and did I already mention gardening. I ‘ lurk’ a lot on this site too which I find very helpful although fortunately cravings have not been an issue for me so far. I’ve navigated a few social functions where I would normally have had several, ( partly to fit in/just because its there, made me feel a bit less socially shy etc etc), but I nominated myself as the driver and that helped, also it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had imagined. I’m thinking of you so keep strong and keep moving forward you are doing the right thing. Ive been listening to Anthony De mello on youtube – he is a bit of a guru figure and he reminds me to keep it grounded, it isnt about alcohol but life in general, can’t recommend it highly enough. x

    • Thank you so much for your reply . It will encourage me to keep moving forward and I also would benefit from spending time in the garden . Also I have just listened to some Anthony de Mello and will carry on exploring his you tube videos . Very thought provoking . Have a good day x

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    Hi ClaireT, my day 2 today as well so will be thinking about you and all the other sober warriors with their amazing new routines – I have started listening to the podcast ‘ The bubble hour’ which I can recommend. I’m going to make a lovely, healthy arrabiata sauce for dinner then a refreshing walk and of course more cleaning the house ( it will be like a showhome in a week! Someone suggested a new T.V programme, ‘Chernobyle’ on Sky Atlantic so going to settle down to that after.

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    • The never ending battle with moderation is one I have never won. I was only fooling myself and lost daily. You can do it. Devote your energies on wellbeing and good health.

    • Welcome tandie. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. You got this. You made the first step by reaching out and doing different. Listen to Belle’s one-minute messages.