• tamsil posted an update 3 months ago

    Here I am, day 3!!! I love reading your posts, gets me excited about living a sober life again, I know I can do it. I’ve done it many times before but somehow always ended up drinking again. Not this time, not today! One day at a time I’ll remember how awful drinking was, how much I hate waking up hungover, how awful I feel for drinking so much wine, especially in front of my kids. Wishing all of you an AF day, no matter what the day brings! 💛

    • Well done @tamsil … i’m On Day Two for the ‘multiple time’ too. I’ve been ‘quitting, binging, sober, binging, quitting … for 4 years now! No wonder my husbands not taking this time too seriously… yet! Lol 🙂 Keep going strong over Days 4-5… they are the height of the acute withdrawal symptoms. Personally I always turn a corner around 7-10 days… and life is sooooo much easier! 🙂 Well done… u are doing great!

      • I absolutely agree!!! Day 3-5 is usually when I slip back into bad habits!!! Going to my recovery meetings and checking in here helps. Thanks for the reminder to be aware of this withdrawal time!!! Congratulations on Day 2, sounds like we have a very similar story of bingeing and sober time.

    • Yayyyyyyy for day 3, love your positivity!! Well done 👍

    • Yay well done @tamsil go girl ….day 3 already ….. I’m right behind ya on Day 2 …. I know and hate those feeling s you describe too ….. good to get them out of our lives once and for all Have a good day 3 x

      • Absolutely!!! Congratulations on Day 2, together we can do this! 💛💛💛

    • Congrats on day3. I so know that feeling that–it was a duty to drink! oh how I hate myself for that naivety!

    • Yes, the kids are a real good reason not to drink! They need their parents pure and reliable. Enjoy yourself sober and proud!

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