• suzkep posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    WK 3 … Strangely oscillating … oh well worse things could happen I spose – laptop got some annoying kind of pop up thing going on down – every now and then some bikini clad young thing swings by offering all sorts of things – “oh love, you are really not for me, and honestly darling is money really that hard to come by – you look pretty – you look smart – you’re my daughters age – don’t be so lazy – I’m sure you are worth more than this”. OK judgmental I know but hells bells – feminism is extremely confusing in 2019.
    Screamed last night in bed – woke Nice Guy up who in turn woke me up. I was screaming for help, screaming to be heard but in my dream knew I couldnt scream loud enough for help …. oops there is Anna again – cleavage and legs open – taking a selfie – please love get out of my face.
    Also had dreams that hadn’t studied for exams – and had to sit them. Hadn’t even turned up for the lectures. Car got towed away so couldn’t get to exams, but strangely stumbled across a job. I so nearly called Nice Guy my exes name this morning – stopped myself in time – I have warned him about that – knew it was probably going to happen in the future when I get a bit muddely puddlely – didn’t realise it was going to be when I’m 52. Anna’s back – the world loves a trier! Now someone wants to take care of my loneliness, with a Kardashian sized arse – as if that’s going to do the trick! Its going to drive me nuts people – my business is online – this is online – I’ve already run a short antivirus thing – says no viruses – checked pop-ups. But will it drive me to drink – it will not! Now I have won something – it sure is my lucky day 🙂

    • How annoying! I like your sense of humour. 😉 Could you take it into a repair shop, hopefully an easy fix?

      • @JM I’ve removed google chrome – using a different browser has the consequence of having to log in and put passwords into my sites, and get use to a new interface – anyway here’s hoping 😀

    • That nightmare sounds long and exhausting. Hate those interminable horrors 🙁

      • It’s sorted – sure – wee bit of a fallout – but its sorted – worked my way around the problem @morgan feeling wee bit chuffed 🙂

    • Wish I could help you out – I’m a system administrator, work on computers all the time! Sounds like you took some good steps removing Chrome and running your antivirus though. If you are running Windows, you could also try a system restore point to restore your computer to an earlier time before the weirdness started?

      • Thanks @leslielily wish you could have helped me out too – I had forgotten about that take it back to a point of time thing – never done it but can recall it so will bank that for another time 😀

    • @Lucy – that sounds like a long story we would like to hear sometime when you have the time 💫

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