• Suze99 posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Day 13 today (actually Day 14 because its like 1am!) By far my toughest day today. In less than a week Ive been handed 2 of the roughest situations. 1. learning ive lost my job and 2. today an awful situation traumatically effecting my 6 year old baby girl, and therefore our whole family. So I really wanted to, and still do want to numb the awfulness with alcohol. Whats actually kinda weird is that its given me a shit heap of strength too because I know I have to be strong and go into bat for my girl. And I will have zero strength or clarity or logical sense if i drink.
    So Im proud to be at the 2 week mark. And at Day 1 of Dry July. Anyone else doing Dry July???

    • Congrats on Day 14! It’s Day 14 for me, too. And I’ve given myself an initial goal of 100 days, so I’m inherently doing Dry July. 🙂 I plan to maintain this new life style though. Just so much healthier in every way.
      I’m sorry to hear about your two difficult challenges that have presented themselves. It’s great that you have a clear mind and can be strong to deal with them. Even when it gets challenging and it could get tempting to numb it with drinking, we all know the numbness is temporary and it ultimately will only make things worse. Hang in there!

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