• Suze99 posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Yay me, day 7!! So because its soooooooooooo flippen hard from about 4.30pm til I go to bed at about 11/12ish, I try to now make sure that I’m home by 3.30pm and just do not go out again. Otherwise there is the potential to cave and pick up alcohol from the supermarket or bottle store. I’m pleased I’ve allowed myself ANY type of food or non-alcoholic drink to help me get through, I think thats been quite helpful. I am Bluebird, Whitaker, Schweppes, Coca cola, Pascall and Nestle’s favourite person right now. But as long as the Sauv Blanc industry in Marlborough is seriously suffering – then all is good.
    I opened up to a really good friend today, it just kinda came tumbling out, but I’m really glad, he’s super supportive which is awesome. I didn’t give him any of the gory details, I’ll probably only ever share that on here!!
    So anyway this is my daily post to keep me on track and accountable.
    When I wake up in the morning I’ll have officially completed an entire week. I know there are ones on here that have been sober for weeks, months, years – soooooooooo inspirational, but I’m still gonna raise my Coke (I’ve run out of ginger beer) to my 7 day streak

    • Coke Zero and ice cream are my go to treats. Very helpful.

    • Go u. We never regret waking up and saying I didn’t get pissed.

    • Congratulations @suze99. You should be super proud of yourself🎉🎉🎉

    • Great milestone. Huge congratulations to you. Keep going 🥰

    • Woohoo amazing!! The first week down! Take it day by day you’ll be amazed where it will lead you! Also well done on all the treats! I went all out in my first few months! And then slowly changed those treats for healthier options aka less sugar. But for now spoil yourself rotten with whatever it takes to deal with the cravings and know you’re earned them and deserve to feel proud of yourself!

    • I would come home from work and climb right into my pajamas, that signaled to my brain that I was not going to the liquor store.

      • @WakingOwl that is brilliant, I’m gonna do that from now on, thats for that!

        • Well done. I’m getting through day 2. Cravings are hitting in tonight but I’m trying to stay strong. Key thing i did different was take one of my kids with me, kept me accountable, only thing I came home with from the supermarket was a great big bucket of Vitamin C to kill of the bugs that have take over the family. Personally I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and typical beer o’clock at work, good thing is i buy the beer so i guess the rest of the staff miss out too 😉

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