• SueK posted an update 2 weeks ago

    It’s Friday happy hour, and I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing. I teach a yoga class from 4 – 5pm Fridays. All people about my age, and we have a nice relaxed class. Recently the church across the road from the yoga studio has opened as a brew pub. After class a group of the students decided to go for a beer at the new brew pub. What? They invited me to come. Part of me thought, “why not, I probably should socialise with them occasionally. It’s not like I never go to pubs.” And part of me thought, “WTF, I’ve just taught a really nice yoga class, we’re all zened out and relaxed, and you’re thinking about wrecking that by going to a noisy pub with a bunch of people drinking? Forget it.” So I came home, lit the fire, made a pot of genmaicha tea. I’d much rather hang out with you guys, to be perfectly honest. Hope you’re all doing OK. I’m looking forward to checking the members feed right now. XXX

    • Hearing ya Sue xo

    • Cheers to that ! Ginger beer in hand .

    • aww! a yoga friend used to tell me that I just practiced for ‘wine points’ – and he was probably right. I can’t imagine wanting a drink after a lovely yoga class anymore (though I do go to the café for cake after pilates sometimes). Their loss is our gain! What style of yoga do you teach?

      • SueK replied 2 weeks ago

        Haha, @claloula I used to practice for wine points too!! These days I’m teaching mostly seated/supported classes — so chair yoga, mostly for an older crowd of people who really want to do yoga, but found the regular classes with younger teachers a bit humiliating!! It’s a lot of fun — and it’s amazing how much of a great workout it can be. I say you can do all the postures, you just eliminate the risk of falling over and knocking yourself out!!

        • That sounds brilliant, yoga should be the most inclusive thing there is, but I know ashtanga (which I (sort of) practice) can be quite full on and it’s really nice to slow it down. I get so cross with sportswear companies, I think Sweaty Betty was one of them, which have logo laden clothes saying things like ‘no pain no champagne’. My pilates teacher who is brilliant makes jokes about drinking wine as though that’s what we’d all rather be doing, it’s just weird. There was a brilliant episode of Yes, Prime Minister years ago where the sports minister (a chain smoking, unhealthy overweight man) was standing up for the interests of the tobacco industry – I think there’s something still going on with the drinks industry that is similar.

    • Geez for a moment there, I read that as a church opened a pub. Yep, there’s times for mixing with drinkers, and times when I’d rather not. There’s no need to, a lot of people don’t drink.

    • Mrs D replied 2 weeks ago

      I went back to yoga last week after 6 months not doing it and got a bit (quietly) tearful as the class started realising how much I’d missed it. Pubs are ok if the company is lovely and you’re in the mood and you can drink something refreshing and it doesn’t matter that there’s booze around. But it’s not always like that. Love your self awareness and YOU! x

    • @suek way to set a good example. I never understood the doing yoga, running marathons or hiking 10 miles and go get drunk afterwards. Never made sense to me. When I was younger I would exercise to burn off a hangover but I’m too old for that now!

    • Go you! Yay! ❤️

    • Yeah, why waste your true relaxation supporting a fake relaxation? Good for you!

    • @suek You might be interested in this article – about how yoga is helping refugees and asylum seekers here:

    • I wish I could find a yoga class I enjoy! Every time I’ve taken a class it has been a woman doing yoga in the front of the room, mostly with her eyes closed, murmuring names as she changes position, and the class all on mats behind trying to copy her – and it’s soooo expensive here!

    • i do yoga on sunday mornings. i did it before i quit and drank afterwards. now, i still hang out with my friends who drink beer while i sip on my AF drink. i enjoy the company. Now that I am not drinking with them, we all have one, before we had two, three, four. etc.

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