• SueK posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    One of the big plusses for me about getting sober is that my social life is starting to feel like it fits right. Back in the day, my social life was completely focussed on drinking. I did nothing social that didn’t involve drinking and I had no friends that were not drinking buddies. If you didn’t drink, I thought we had nothing in common so no point in being friends. Non drinkers are weirdos, right? So I quit drinking, and a lot of my so-called friendships dried up too. But it’s interesting when drinking is not an option for connecting with people, I have started to meet people who I actually share real interests with. I recently met a woman who goes out sketching… she showed me her sketch book and I was super inspired, and now we go out together, to cafes, the farmers’ market etc. and we sketch. It’s not weird. It’s really nice. Saturday night here and I’m home in front of the fire. I like my home-body life a lot, especially in winter.

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