• SteveF posted an update 1 month ago

    There are soooo many new members here. I joined 18 months ago when there were 5700 here and now the number is up to 8600. I’m here to tell all of you just starting on this journey that you absolutely CAN kick booze to the curb and live a very enjoyable and fulfilling life. No alcohol needed! I started this journey 561 days ago and have had a handful of slips, but yesterday marked 365 days since I last had a drop of alcohol. Cravings are gone. I can walk past booze in the grocery store and not even flinch. I socialize with folks all the time that drink and don’t miss it a bit. It is so liberating! But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. Please believe that you can do it. It really does get easier and life is so much better not dragging that ball and chain of alcohol around. This community has been a real life saver for me and it can be the same for you. Stay close and check in often. Thanks again to all of you for being here and being so supportive. Have a great AF day everyone!

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