• SteveF posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    @lee-2. I’ve been thinking about you down there in NOLA dealing with that shit storm. Hope you’re dealing with it ok and have no flooding problems. Whatever your situation, booze is not part of the solution. I read one of your earlier posts and I too have a love/hate relation with that Banana Republic called New Orleans. Great food and great culture but damn, the political system is bankrupt. Keep the faith! This too shall pass!

    • Thanks for the thoughts @steveF. I thought you were here as well. I got past 4 months and caved a bit with the stress but it was very short lived and over. I was born here and have lots of family but have left before for significant periods of time. Giving it a year with my new job and will see what happens but right now I feel stuck and am not very happy. My work flooded as well and that left me feeling pretty vulnerable.

      • Been catching up with your posts @lee-2. Sorry you stumbled but that’s all it is, just a stumble. You know how to do this and I’m sure you’ll be prepared next time the urge to self destruct creeps in. We have a summer home in North Carolina so we can escape the heat and storms so we were spared having to go through that mess. I feel for you but there are better days ahead. xxxx

      • Hello, Lee@, from Mobile, AL. Didn’t realize you were right down the road. I had a stumble too, over July 4th weekend when I was visiting friends in Texas. But I had made it further than ever before (33 days), so I am just subtracting those days from my total and carrying on! So Day 42 for me, and best wishes to you, my Gulf Coast neighbor.

        • Hi @bridgette, suppose I could have just subtracted a day but that seems to mess with my head to much. I’m not a numbers person and besides, each sober day is worth celebrating. I’m just glad this week is over but you know we are not out of the woods until late Sept.

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