• Squizzi posted an update 1 week ago

    Hi all. Day 15. Had a really busy and productive weekend. Got heaps ticked off my list including some major spring cleaning and decluttering of the ‘lets just stick it out here’ garage. What a feeling. Everything’s gone unless it belongs there. Threw heaps out. Put lots back in its rightful place. Went to bed last night exhausted but happy. Enjoying this sober life. Also lost 3 kilos so far. Not dieting. I normally do keto but have decided to allow myself carbs whilst I adjust to this lifestyle and reward myself with a treat of chocolate every evening. So I’m rapt. Hope everyone else is doing ok and if you’re a Day 1 today. Hang in there and do this. It’s totally worth it even if it’s just for the extra energy and motivation. I was always tired and lacking motivation before and didn’t even realise it really until I wasn’t! Best sleeps ever too. Over and out must get to work.

    • Such a great feeling. Nothing like a good clear out.

    • Dayson replied 1 week ago

      Good one, I am looking forward to decluttering myself when I get out of rehab. Until I go to bridge (1 week away) I am still drinking and dreaming of a better life. Can’t imagine how hard it will be without booze as part of my daily routine but am hungering for the clarity that will come. Well done on day 15.

    • 2 weeks in – well done – and good on ya for decluttering. I need to do this soon as house on the market.

    • Well done Squizzi! I, too, have no problem keeping good chocolate near. I am 24 days af tomorrow and enjoying an energy wave. Yay us and all who are doing the next right thing! 🐾

    • robynb replied 1 week ago

      I love it, we clean our lives up, we clear our homes:). Good stuff.

    • Day 15 – congrats! Cant wait to get there.

    • Mrs D replied 1 week ago

      Love a good declutter!!! x

    • morgan replied 1 week ago

      Envious. I so badly need a weekend at home to concentrate on really throwing out BIG time. I think I have reached the space mentally, but it still requires the hours.
      How have you fund keto eating? How long? I have loved it for the past 40 or so weeks. Having a bit of a break at present, but find I get back into ketosis quickly, and am holding the weight loss thank goodness. Love the clarity and energy!

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