• SoberHeart posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Hi friends.
    I think I am in desperate need of a vacation. I just need to not go to my job for a bit, it is really getting to me.
    I only get 1 week of vacation (5 days) a year and I had to use it back in the early spring to travel for a competition with my daughter. But if I don’t get a break from that place I am going to say something I’ll regret later. All the little things feel like big things. I am dreading going today. And every time I think there is no end in sight, no break for a YEAR??? OMG, it’s overwhelming and bringing me down.
    I can’t leave until I finish school, the plus here is that they will accommodate my school schedule. And I am grateful for that. But I need a break.

    • Have you tried meditation? I use the Insight Timer app.

    • Are you able to get a doctors note for sick leave.

    • @soberheart – ((hugs)) sounds like it is sucking air from your beautiful light! I hope you can find some fun in the meantime.

    • Can you take a sick day or two? Better yet, call it a mental health day to renew your soul. I feel for you … it’s no fun being at a job that is draining and there’s no end in sight. ❤️

    • yes, i was thinking sick days may be the thing too.

    • One week – heck, do you have a union?! How many sick days?
      I am feeling positive about my new full time-no-holiday-for-ages role, but my acupuncturist said my body was close to depressed even if my mind was ok. Bleak news hahaha so trying to do some relaxing and healing things – and exercise. Trouble is, I sometimes add on weekend work, and I think it is a bit unwise.
      And you are studying too????!
      I hope today is a bit better. Breathe. Take pauses – if you can

    • @soberheart I can’t imagine so little time off each year! I accumulate time off on a rotating basis and can take it whenever I want, if something comes up I can trade with a coworker and fill out a pay request. This year I let mine accumulate and took a full three weeks of vacation.

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