• sobere posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Day 18 alcohol-free. Made it through my 3rd weekend, but had some pretty bad cravings on saturday. I’ve read once that the original Apollo moonshots had to use up to 80% of their fuel just to break free of the Earths’ atmosphere, and after that it was smooth sailing. Hopefully, that’s the case for me now. I feel good, and don’t want to take it for granted. This is about the point where I slipped the last time. The mindset of ‘one day at a time’ helps. Have a great day

    • You too, you are doing brilliantly!

    • Well done, how right you are, one day at a time and I like the saying just for today.

    • 18 days is amazing!!
      And I lapsed right around then once too. Then again at day 70-80 or so, and day 140-180 or so. I never wrote down when exactly but have rough numbers in mind that I associate with lapsing.
      Just today.
      That’s all.
      Just today.

      Let’s not worry about “forever” or tomorrow.
      Today is enough.


    • I like your analogy @sobere!

    • congrats @sobere, it must feel great waking every morning without a hangover, yeah?

      • Thanks @kitten. It does feel great, but I’m a little afraid that I’ll start to take it for granted, or thinking that I can moderate. Moderation always ends up badly for me. Hope you’re doing well.

        • @sobere, i was dreaming about moderation when I woke up this morning. Moderation, for me is a sham, i am one that gets the taste and the addiction beast builds in me until that is all i am, the addiction beast, it is slow, like a dab of watercolor in the middle of water and then it just spreads, like i have one drink, one night, then maybe one two drinks the next and then maybe two days later, four, cause i like being drunk so, the for me the question is not should i moderate, but More like, should I start drinking again? If i do, I start smoking, if Ido, then i resign myself to feeling like shit every day and some day are better than other hangover days. i guess what saves me every time is the same – i don’t want a hangover. what saves you from picking up again? even just last night? what was it. best.

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