• SoberDaisy posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    60 days. That equals 6+ full to the brim nasty plastic buckets of wine that I haven’t guzzled over the past two months. Today a gave myself a new bead for my bracelet, it represents balance. Feeling balanced is a huge part of what I’m gaining on this AF journey. Being able to give to my family, running my home, my job but most of all myself. “Me Time” used to be just drinking and ignoring everything going on around me and being consumed by guilt for it. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be, Accepting that for me is huge! Turning up for my life instead of being consumed by angst that I’m not good enough is like a weight being lifted of my shoulders. I don’t want to go back down the rabbit hole, I want to stay strong and live this beautiful, messy, imperfect life. X

    • Well done! Congrats on 60 days! I can relate to what you are saying. 2 weeks for me today and feel so different. Can’t wait to reach 60 days. Go you!

    • Congrats @soberdaisy! 60 days is big…balance is a great goal

    • I really like your trick of visualizing the amount of wine you’ve not drunk. In my case I would have filled a bucket every 4-6 days (but chuck in some beer and gin on top of that). In 60 days I would have filled a bathtub to the brim! Yuk!

    • Yay you @soberdaisy on 60 days! Love the balance! It’s important!

    • Hi @soberdaisy when you said “me time” was drinking whilst ignoring everything going on around you really hit home for me because that is what I used to do, ignore life, the family, the kids and anything I should have been giving attention to, even myself. Congrats on 60 days, I am on 68 and feel great with my messy imperfect life also.

    • @soberdaisy I too used wine as my metime, but I am finally finding other ways to get that me time in. Not always the easiest thing to do but very important if you want to get the benefits of this sober living gig.

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