• Sober4real posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hi there sober warriors! Day 287 here…’s a nice rainy day in the PNW in the USA. I’m loving it. August with a candle burning….I’m looking forward to Fall my favorite time of year. I’ve been really ill with my thyroid disease and was in the hospital last week. I’m doing better but I’m dizzy and have been for about 2 weeks and it’s driving me crazy. I feel so grateful for my sobriety otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take care of my health the way that I am able to now. Starting to get a bit more organized getting rid of old paperwork I don’t need any longer and trying to thrifty. I purchased a lovely Coach purse with a matching wallet for $50.00 that is in perfect condition today so that made me happy. Starting to look at ways to spruce up my cute little house. Getting organized always makes me feel better even though I’ve got a lot more to do. I’ve been asked to volunteer at the local treatment facility and jail to go in and talk with people struggling. I used to do that when I had five years in recovery and I’m really looking forward to doing so again and trying to help people. I’m at that point where I want to help people and make a difference if I can. Life is short and with all the terminal illness going on in my family it helps to try and give back whenever I can. The miracle is that when you feel bummed it helps you get out of yourself just like we can do here on LS. Hope that everyone is having a good weekend.

    • Hi @Sober4real! I’m sorry you’ve been unwell, hope the dizziness goes away asap. How great you’re thinking of helping other people struggling w addiction, in person. It’s getting cooler here in Toronto too, mixed feelings about that. : ) xo

      • Hey @jm it’s been a strange summer here! I’m good with fall though- my favorite time of year. Thanks on the dizzy – it SUCKS! I hate it. Making me crazy but hope they get me figured out. Much better than I was a week ago. Yes, helping people in person is so rewarding – there are so many people that need help. Our stories can make such a difference. Thanks you are so sweet! xoxoxoxoxox

    • I love Autumn, my colour pallette all the way! Drove through the lower Adirondaks and Berkshires this weekend and there is already a hint of colour in the higher elevations. Being dizzy is no fun I have a friend with an inner ear imbalance and there are days he can’t get out of bed. Not only will you being helping others, I have found that each time I tell my truth it has less power over me.

      • @wakingowl THANK YOU. I am going to get my ears checked because that could be the situation as well so thank you for reminding me of that possibility. I am so sorry for your friend – that has to be horrible for him. 🙁 You are right the truth liberates us that’s for sure. I hope to really start helping people. I fought it for YEARS but I think that’s where I’m meant to be. I bet the Adirondaks is so gorgeous. I’m in the gorge in Washington state…it’s pretty beautiful.

        • @sober4real, I love living in New England. I’m in the Pioneer Valley, adjacent to the Berkshires and the broad agricultural plain of the Connecticut River. The locals refer to my area as “the hill towns”.

        • I’ve heard it is GORGEOUS there…I am interested in going there and Maine in the fall I’ve heard is breathtaking. Sounds lovely!!!

    • Dizziness is the pits @sober4real
      “I feel so grateful for my sobriety otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take care of my health the way that I am able to now.” Ditto
      You’re a legend to be thinking of volunteering when not feeling good but so right about the effect of giving. xxxx

      • Thanks @liberty YES it is!! Man! I know you understand the health stuff. I look forward to getting through this so I can do more ….thanks for the sweet comment. It feels good to help others. I’ve given out my phone number like crazy at meetings (I only go maybe once a month) but it’s amazing how many people go to meetings and cry for help but never follow up or reach out. Hope you are doing well sweet soul! xoxoxo

    • hey, @sober4real, good to hear you are taking care of yourself, out of the hospital. enjoy your peace.

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