• Sober4real posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    So great to see all these new people! Hello my sober friends. Just checking in at 9.5 months…..grateful to be sober and off the hamster wheel from hell. If I weren’t I do not think I would be handling the health issues I’m going through right now very well. But one thing at a time I’m alive and I’m here and that is bottom line what matters. It’s been a very scary time and I don’t get scared easily. That being said I am very grateful to friends and family who care and support me – for my recovery that I do not take for granted because I’ve done enough damage in my life it’s time to give back as much as I can. My folks and kids have a family member they know they can count on and that means everything to me. If you are new here it does get better – life always has things to throw at you but you can grow through them in sobriety instead of being reactive and wallowing in emotionalism that never seems to benefit anyone whatsoever. I have an Aunt who actively drinks and I love her but she’s using my Dad’s terminal illness as an excuse to be a drama queen (she doesn’t even see him!) and as much as I wish things could change for her I don’t see it happening so I walked away from her. Luckily she lives in another state. Instead of being there for me she is an emotional mess because she’s an alcoholic and I understand that. I would have liked to have been able to count on her. The part that really resonates is that SHE IS MY FUTURE and very much what I would have become had I kept going. That is not something I ever want to put my kids or loved ones through. Sometimes people are the mirror so we can see what we don’t want and make those changes before it is too late. For all you new people welcome and keep on keeping on….the sober road has many gifts and they do materialize if we work for them and that starts with the first step – making the decision to be sober so if you did that congratulations!!! Peace out friends!!!

    • great post, as always, @sober4real. I am soooo sorry to hear about your health issue and send whatever love vibe i can your way towards helping you heal. You say it well, instead of being reactive and wallowing in emotionalism … yes, that is it, that is what has changed. i don’t miss it. be well, friend, and thanks for stopping by. peace out.

      • Thanks @kitten and @aprilsfool …..I try to keep up with LS but the past month I’ve just been focused on health and staying positive. Will make more of an effort to be involved as I love our site and our camaraderie.

        • take care of yourself, @sober4real, i know that this has been ongoing for you, your words here are always so positive and artful, thinking of you.

    • Wow! What an extraordinary thing that must be to have someone close to you reflecting what could have been your future had you continued drinking. That must be a very powerful realization. You sound strong and aware. Good for you! Keep on keeping on!

    • Great post @sober4real sorry to hear about your ill health.
      Being “reactive and wallowing in emotionalism that never seems to benefit anyone whatsoever” pretty much describes me while I was drinking and I can see now it has held me back for years. Not anymore! Thanks

    • Prayers for continued renewal, @Sober4real.

    • Sending you lots of strength. You are cherished here. xoxo

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