• Sober4real posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hello Sober Tribe! I’ve been lurking a bit more lately. Celebrating my 7 months alcohol free this weekend and couldn’t feel more grateful about it. Every time I start writing I feel like I should have words of wisdom to share but right now I’m just focused on the fact that I am no longer fighting with alcohol. It does not consume my every waking moment, nor rule my mind. I have time to think about work, family, life, creative projects, spirituality, love….you name it. This is one of the best gifts I could have given myself. Thank you all for your support on this awesome journey. I’m finally in the place I prayed to be emotionally. Feel grounded and happy for the things I have in my life. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • This is a very inspirational post. Thank you and a huge congrats @sober4real! Being sober and no longer fighting alcohol is indeed a huge gift! So very happy for you!! Enjoy your weekend and your sober celebration!! xo

      • @lee@ thank you dear!!! It’s a true surrender when we are no longer fighting and I feel like I’ve been blessed to no longer be in that mode. So happy you are here with me on this journey. You have a great weekend as well! xoxox

    • Sounds full of wisdom to me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done.

    • @sober4real – well said – as always. 7 months is huge. no longer fight with alcohol is huge. like being freed from the servitude to the almighty alcohol when you realize you can just walk by the beer frig. Today I was at a grocery store I do not usually go to, six tables, a bar, people crowded around the bar, crowded around the tables, popping out at the seems, some people were drinking flights, like they were going to stay for a while, in this grocery store, not at the front or to the side, but right there, next to the frozen food. anyway. so weird. Anyway, have a great celebration.

      • Congrats to you thatโ€™s something you should be very proud of
        Well done 👍

      • Yay go you ….. very inspirational @sober4real …….to be able to no longer have to keep fighting or being consumed by thinking about alcohol must be such a release ……I need to keep it at …..a good reminder …..thank you 😊

    • Congratulations, my friend! I knew it was coming up soon. You share a lot of words of wisdom here. I’m so happy we’re on this journey together! Well, not that we were drunks and we had to stop drinking, Hmmm, that’s not true either. I’m grateful for what I learned through the recovery process…aw, hell, you know what I mean…xoxoxo

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