• Sober4real posted an update 8 months ago

    Hello All, happy to be here. I’m tired and a bit anxious on day 19 but happy that I am taking on this endeavor. It’s time. I had five years and relapsed. It’s taken seven to get back. Having health scares, work issues, just too old to be dealing with this crap any longer. Looking forward to reading/hearing stories from you all…thanks.

    • Hey, welcome to living sober! Great place to be and well done on 19 days! Life is just better sober, as you probably already know with your previous 5 years, good to be back on the sober journey!

      • Thank you. I do know, it’s harder because I have to deal with alcohol and prescription medication at the same time…double or triple whammy with detox.

    • Welcome, 5years is great and you will be there again. One day after another

    • Awesome. I had three years sober then decided it’s possible to moderate. Well that was crap! Took five years of struggling with failing at moderation to realise giving it up for life is the only way. Happy and free with that decision. Today is day 97!! Bring on forever cause it’s a whole lot better than it was with alcohol in my life that’s for sure!

    • So pleased you have joined us @sober4real, lots of awesome support here. Xoxo

      • YAY @Winner and @Bondi ….thank you. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that had time and got the dumb idea in the sick diseased brain of mine that it was the only option to fix the pain I was in at the time. There is nothing in this world, good news or bad that a drink will ever make better.

    • Day 19, well done! oxoxoxo And thanks for sharing your relapse after 5 years. It’s a reality for all of us that a relapse could happen. I needed to hear that today and stay extra vigilant throughout the upcoming holiday season. Day 20, here you come!!!

      • @mari135 you are welcome. It is a stark reality that we will never drink again like normal people if you are truly alcoholic as I am. So definitely be vigilant for yourself. Because your life is worth it! I miscalculated and am on day 21….happy about that.

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