• Shez posted an update 4 days, 17 hours ago

    Day 27 – it seems the longer you stop the pains do really ease!! Work has been mental this week, but thankfully I am af at the moment because I’ve been able to semi cope (although the frustration levels are up there)!! I went for a lovely jog last night instead of drinking, and it was beautiful, no one around just the moon and my inner self! Hoping to keep going, but I know relapses are inevitable but I can only hope my will power is stronger!!! Have a fab weekend!!

    • Lovely, just woken up to a clear head day. The 12 th day on this present journey. I am looking forward to rest and recuperation on this cold and wet day on the South Island.

    • I would like to challenge you on your statement relapses are inevitable. I don’t think that is a true statement, and I feel like a statement like that lets the brain say their okay. Not just will power, being prepared for all situations because sometimes after a long hard week will power stumbles. You have come to day 27 you can add a day at a time. Do small goals maybe aim for day 50 then 75 then 100. You can do this

      • I hope you are right, it’s sunday afternoon and I’ve had a great day but I’ll turn to my cup of tea instead of wine!! I’ll aim small for sure, and now at nearly a month I’m pretty happy to get through this far!!!

    • I’m with @k1w1, it doesn’t have to be inevitable. I also don’t think willpower is enough. We know we have incredibly strong wills. We’ve managed to keep jobs and power through days hungover. Asking for help before you drink is a great way to stay on track! xo

      • You are right it’s not just will power, it’s how much I want other things!! I do feel better than I did 28 days ago, that is for sure!!

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