• Shez posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Day 7 – I’ve started it well, with a cycle with my buddy!! Today is the hardest day for me, for some reason the wine witching hour turns up at 4pm on Sunday’s…. so I’m going to do my house work (my reward usually is wine after everything is clean and tidy), but today I’ll bake a loaf for work snacks, and keep myself occupied getting myself ready for the working week!!! I don’t want a repeat of last Monday’s unhappiness!!!

    • Way to go on the first week! It’s all about the plan, isn’t it? Today is my 8th day and instead of watching TV and drinking this Saturday night, I’m ready to spend the evening on the deck with tea, reading and watching the birds instead – something that’s “too boring” when drinking. You are going to be so pleased with yourself tomorrow morning 🙂

      • Shez replied 3 weeks ago

        That sounds all very beautiful!!! I would t find that boring drinking or not!!! Hope you have enjoyed your evening!!

    • No, absolutely no repeating! Enjoy your baking!

      • Shez replied 3 weeks ago

        I didn’t end up baking, but still not drinking (and I have a clean house, and tidy garden 😄).

    • Good plan, stay busy in the evening, go to bed early. Not sure what happened last Monday, but I’m sure you’re certainly not the first one.

    • Well done on 1 week! This journey is so worth it, keep playing it forward, you won’t regret sober! Have you got an AF alternative that you can have… substitution was a key strategy for me… my go to is a freshly squeezed lemon in water… not too sweet and lovely and refreshing… poured in my favourite wine glass because then I feel I am treating myself… You’ve got this 🙂

      • Shez replied 3 weeks ago

        Sparkling water (thank goodness for soda stream makers)!

    • Well done on seven days and well done for recognising the difficulties coming and preparing for them.

    • Going well, @Shez. Congrats on one full week!

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