• Sheri61 posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    Went to a family party today. I stuck with my (decaf) iced tea, then switched to water. My husband decided that we needed to stop at the grocery store on the way home for a few things. So what did I do? I put wine in my cart! Then I walked around with it in there for about 10 minutes before turning my cart around and putting it back on the shelf! I thought my husband was going to fall over from shock. But I DID IT! Feeling so good about that!

    • I did the same thing today at the grocery store…funny( only cause we put it back:) otherwise it would have been pretty sad for me right about now. Stay strong!

      • And you know how bad we both would have felt tomorrow morning knowing that we weakened. Now we can both wake up knowing we got another day under our belts!

        I wonder how many other people have done that.

        • @sheri61 that’s will power right there! I salute you!

        • Well done to both of you! So easy to just cave and buy the bottle. Huge respect for your strength. Building good habits to! I’m sure the check out staff at my local New World are wondering what I’m up to after no buying wine for 14 days! Especially considering the amount I was buying there everyday, but it’s starting to feel normal not to!

    • Well done @sheri61 & @destiny flexing those sober muscles!

      Next time you’ll be able to get out of the grocery store without the wine even being in your basket.

    • That’s awesome that internal battle will rage but YOU just kicked your drinkey voices ass. Go you 🙂

    • Thanks for posting, I’m sure that moment will come for me, gonna remember you when it does!

    • you did it!!! xxx

    • You go girl!

    • Well done!!!!

      I have done that before. Putting it back was a strong act of self-compassion and self-care.

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