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    Oh hey… is me again…goddddd! I am so done with this version of me. I went to the dr, I got referred to Mental Health and Addiction…I had an appmt, was evaluated by a psychiatric nurse who stated my case to the table to see what my best option is. Detox…I get that but I am the only source of income for myself and have no benefits, as well as being self employed and working for a family with teenage kids who need morning and after school care(one with autism/health issues) That is the job I consider my main job. I cannot take time off work. I am high functioning. I know I need to figure this out, but what do people do when they have no options for income while they get better? I have detoxed myself before, i just didnt get professional or group support afterward, and I know that was a huge fault in my relapse. Ideas please. Im feeling lost.

    • I go as an out patient and check in weekly. Perhaps talk to your addictions nurse, I’m sure you aren’t the only one with this problem, there has to be a way around it. All the best xxx

    • Hi @shalane I think you’re answered the problem for yourself. You need to continue work, so residential detox and rehab are out.
      You have to do this within your own resources but recognise that you can’t succeed alone. That’s a biggie!… if we could do this on our own then we’d have done so a long time ago wouldn’t we?

      So you’re detoxing at home, and getting sober at home, and carrying on working, but also engaged with some sort of community based recovery. My observation (in New Zealand) is that this is how most people have to get sober… so it’s perfectly possible. You just need to make your plans accordingly. You can do this and the way to start is to tip out any alcohol that you still have in the house. Good luck and stay connected.

    • Whatever you decide, it sounds as if you are determined, and know what to do, right?
      Is it safe to detox at home? Do you get support to do that?

    • Hi @Shalane! If you do detox at home, check in with us regularly. Ask any questions – there are a lot of really helpful people who run the experience of addiction and recovery. Arm yourself with information – I love Annie Grace’s book and videos on youtube. Drink lots of water. Eat chocolate/fruit to help with cravings. Sleep. One of the best pieces of advice ( I heard was ‘go to bed early’. Lots of good reading on: hip, and A big thing is to ‘rewire’ your brain. You can do this! We’ve got your back.

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