• Seni posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Still tired (since yesterday) but I can’t go to sleep yet because my daughter has two overnight visitors and they need their pizza, besides I still have to walk our dog Dr Watson. Month ago I would have “helped” myself with a glass of white wine which would first have made me feel awake but than I would have been weary and not able to look after the children responsible. This time I created a “shot”: hot pure cocoa with cinnamon, caramel syrup, anise and nutmeg. It’s healthy, only a little sugar in it (the syrup) and it works! I’m awake again and I love that it smells a little bit like Christmas 🙂 I even tinker with the idea of tidying my room this evening. I love to have a room of my own – I pay homage to the wonderful Virginia Woolf – but it is a little bit disregarded at the moment. It’s my place of recovery, my yoga studio, my “do not disturb” area. So I think I will look after this wonderful little room this evening, will make me feel better!

    • Love you dog’s name ❤️❤️❤️. Well done on the “shot” sounds delicious!

      • Okay, to be honest Dr Watson is less intelligent than his name suggests. He believes, he’s our third child and has the right to own a room, a bed and an amount of socks… The “drink” was really nice, smelled sweet without being sweet 🙂

    • Lovely sounding drink! Maybe we need it for our winter @Mrs-D ?
      I am thinking of opening my liquorice tea when I want a sweet hit. Have you tried it?

      • Not yet, sounds interesting. It’s not easy to find good tea here, I have to look online…

    • love the shot, are you using, cocoa with milk, or water? details, sounds like a great sweet treat, picked u up.

      • Water this time because I’d like to loose bit of weight 🙂 With milk it is also fantastic, almost like a little meal, not only a drink… The other ingredients are in powder form so you can try how much of the different tastes you like. Instead of caramel syrup I sometimes take honey or just some sugar.

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