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    787 days
    Our new puppy is waking me every few hours for a wee outside. So I’m sitting on the sofa waking for his usual 3am toilet stop. I’ve stoked the fire and am listening to the crackling of the wood, while heavy rain pours outside.
    I’m feeling so content…I could not deal with puppy needs so well if I were still drinking!
    If you’re new here or in the early days, know that life is so much better, better than you can imagine, when you’re sober!!

    • A new puppy! How great! Congrats on 787 days @Scared! xo

    • Glad to hear you’re so content @scared even with puppy duty in the middle of the night. @lucy hang in there! Take a shower and get in your PJs if you have to. Think of how fab you’re going to feel in the am. So worth it!

    • Oh @Scared, I remember those puppy nights! Yes, everything is so much easier! You don’t have to deal with heavy headaches, sickness or this vicious tiredness… Just can do what it takes and everything is allright 🙂

      • Yes indeed! What puppy did you get?

        • Hey @Scared, he’s a mix of several terriers and whatever! We got him from the animal shelter (he was born there) and he is a very frightened and cuddly dog – wonderful for the children but he has to learn that there is not always danger all around him. Trains our mindfulness and patience 🙂

        • @happy2019 My patience is being tested to the max… pup has diarrhoea 😩

        • Oh my God, that is hell! When Watson had it, I thought “now that the children are grown up, WHY do I do this to me once more???!” Hold on, it will pass!

    • Hey @lucy – just checking in and saying hi 👋 I should really be asleep – we watched rugby after our guests left until 1.45am – could not have managed that if wine was on the menu – sending you happy thoughts Xx

    • Gee @scared that’s a lot of sober time you have under your belt – I could not handle a puppy – kudos to you X

    • What sort of pup? You’re a good hooman 🙂

      • Hey @ro! A border collie 🐕 He slept pretty much through the night for the first time last night! But I did the typical mama thing that I did with my kids and got up fretting he had somehow died in his sleep! 🤨 I’m such a worrier 🙄

        • Brainiest dogs supposedly. Cute! My boss has one but I don’t like how they keep it – in a crate and a garage with another dog which was a rescue one and it’s a bit fucked in the head, so it’s taught the collie dumb shit and they’ve just had a baby so the dogs will take more of a back seat. Collie dogs meant to herd sheep and work they need stimulus not crates and garages. My dogs are spoiled. Those dogs aren’t mistreated I just feel like they are lol. I’m a worrier too

    • @Lucy I think you might need to find yourself some new time fillers? My first round of sobriety coincided with the adult colouring phase so I did that and jigsaw puzzles initially. Then I got in to exercise. What are your interests? If drinking has sapped your interests, think back to your childhood. What did you enjoy doing then? Then find the adult equivalent. Hang in there xoxo

    • I’ve thought about getting a puppy at times, but decided it’s too much like having an infant in the house, up two or three times a night for pee duty. At this stage in my life cats fit great, bowls of water and kibble and five minutes cleaning litter each day.

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