• SandyB posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Day 2. Just have to push on through yet again. I hate the look of these small numbers but I guess the only way to get to the big ones are to just add day by day 😊. Feel so shitty with my stunning fat lip, hurts like hell as put teeth into inside of lip and even grazed on outside. Only had 3 drinks then went to bathroom and slipped and landed on my face. What a dumbarse!!! Still positive result is here i am and appointment for counselor on Monday.

    • Oh fuck that sounds sore 🙁 yep lucky you didn’t smash your face in.
      Rest up and count your chickens
      Recoup yourself and move forward

    • keep on keeping on.. that’s all we can do. One sober foot in front of the other. x

    • Well done on day 2! I slipped and fell at a friends wedding a couple of weeks ago, nearly knocked myself out. Another drop in the bucket of painful drinking memories. I’m at day 5 and would love a future without the day after regrets. Stay strong we can do this xx

    • @sandyb so sorry about your lip. Yeah, glad like @ro said glad it wasn’t your face. I’ve done that stuff. Almost lost an eye one time. Horrid. So excited for your counseling appointment on Monday. Fantastic on being proactive!

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