• Sam27 posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I tried to regulate my drinking. The wheels came off. It really scares me how little control I have. I will try again. Maybe just abstain.

    • I have tried regulating my drinking for the past 5 years and kept failing at it. This last time I finally decided to abstain all together. My first goal is 100 days. I’m on Day 13 and I can say that it’s so much easier and more fun to not have to think about it! Sure, once in a while I romanticize it, but that passes and I find myself happy that I didn’t drink. I definitely recommend it. And check in here often, ask questions, read books on the topic and listen to podcasts. Doing all of that has helped me a ton to see it differently than I ever have. I’m actually starting to feel free instead of feeling like I’m missing out.

    • You’re here with a whole lot of people that have tried to moderate and failed. If in doubt -why not just abstain for a while, you have nothing to lose except feeling cruddy in the morning.

    • i cannot moderate. i wish i could. but then… there is always an event to celebrate with friends, do i drink every time i am with friends? do i just choose certain times? it is so confusing. it doesn’t matter though b/c I don’t drink. be well. choose your day, do everything you can to make it stick. if it was easy, this web site would not be here. Best.

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