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    So here is what I am doing. I usually polish off 3/4 700ml bottle of Jim Beam honey ( only stuff I can stomach) neat a night. I have found out a normal amount is 3 drinks a night. The bottle roughly translates to 15 drinks in total. So I have marked on the bottle 5 nights. I have to stop when I reach the line. Is this crazy… or is it a step in the right direction. A stop now is just not going to happen.

    • Then what at day 5?

    • I think you are making a positive change to reduce your drinking and that is really important. I think you probably know what is good for you and what isn’t, what will work and what won’t, just try and be brutally honest with yourself about everything I reckon. We are not here to judge what is right for you, but 100% here to support you in the good, the bad and the ugly. You say “a stop now is not gonna happen”, well OK then, I will personally support you in reducing. For me I had to completely stop – because one wine, 2 wines, 3 wines, it would never ever ever be enough until I was drunk and fell into bed. That was me – knowing myself – and knowing what I had to do. Good on you for getting on here and letting us know what is happening for you. All the very best x

      • Far out @Suze99. You are a wise person. I just read your post about having a rough day and some bad news about your job and here you are, propping up Sam27 with your kindness, wisdom and love.
        You are amazing.
        I have zero doubt that you will find your way successfully through your current problems, and probably end up way better off.
        Hats off to you x

    • Hi @sam27 if you are able to drink moderately then you are a stronger person than most of us. I certainly have desperately tried moderation but I might have fooled my family occasionally but the reality was I was always drinking very heavily. I lied and covered up where possible my worst excesses but one bottle of wine was never enough. More like in excess of 2 and more. Total abstinence was my only option and as day 24 comes to a close, I feel great. I am happy with my choice, I hope you are true to yours. Good luck. I wish you well. And thanks to all those who have posted support. It means a lot, I really mean that.

    • If that works for u and u can “control” your drinking that way i see no harm. That would work for me up until the point it just stopped working and i drank more then i planned. Which would inevitably happen. Are u looking to cut back for a while? I think drinking less is good no matter what! That would be playing with fire for me personally though. Have u read “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace? Great book. She has a new one out i havent read with a 30 day challenge which i did do. Online. I think its called “The Alcohol Experiment”. I think becoming conscious of our drinking is the first step. And u seem to be there so i think that is great. Just stay safe!

    • @Sam27 good on you for asking this question as it is a step in the right direction. The problem with any theory regarding moderation and control is that once you are drinking and after 3 drinks you are no longer going to be in control of the addictive side of your brain. You are no longer thinking like a person who isn’t drinking and the control you want to have will be gone. There are so many of us (me included) who try this. Not sure where you are based but if you want to try reduction/moderation then start with that but stay on here (whether it works or not) and share how it is going until you are ready to quit for good. If you need help to reduce before stopping a visit to your GP or a centre may be on the cards – I went cold turkey, then returned to moderation time and again, then drank alcohol reduced wine (but 2 bottles a day – still 15 units) before finally stopping 404 days ago. As @Jesss said reducing by any amount is better than drinking what you are currently doing – but my recommendation is that if you can’t stop at one – have none.

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