• rosepetal098 posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    I need to vent, I’m on day 445. For all that time I have had a very lovely bar cart in my living room. I know this might be triggering but for me it was only last night it was an issue. I use it for guests. But last night I couldn’t stop thinking about having a gin and tonic, all the stuff was there to make one. I was so annoyed with myself that I’ve got this far and in a moment of weakness the wine witch pounced. I’ll never be better I just have to be vigilant. I got up and poured the remainder of the bottle of very expensive gin right down the plug. God It felt good. I really wanted to smash the bottle. I was full of emotion and I ended up shouting at this bottle in the kitchen. “Why can’t I just have one of you!!” My fiance came in and thought I was mad, he understood though, took the bottle and said “you can’t have one because you don’t need one, right?” He is right, I don’t need this poison, I ate some cake and did a little dance in my kitchen. Fuck alcohol!

    • Just goes to show how addictive the stuff is… and how little credit we give this due to the fact that it is a socially acceptable drug. Love your fiancé’s response!!! We don’t need this shit, that’s the only thing we have to say to ourselves. Oh, and “no thank you, I don’t drink” 😉

    • Wow, I can’t believe it came on just like that! We will always have to be on the lookout! Take care,xx.

      • Good and wise choice @rosepetal098 ……..a reminder to us all that we never can be sure when that evil wine witch will strike so we must be vigilant ! Well done on your actions x

    • yay for cake and little victory dances!

    • Excellent idea to throw it down the sink. Well done on knowing what is best for you.

    • Beautifully enacted and told!!! I like your fiancé very, very much. He’s a keeper

    • Great save❤️

    • Good for you and your fiancé!

    • Wow @rosepetal098. That is powerful. My boyfriend had some zima in the fridge that did that to me a few different times. I wound up telling him i had thoughts of drinking it. He removed it promptly! Your fiance sounds super supportive and i like his kind gentle words to u. Good job pouring that shit out!👍

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