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    • Hi, welcome! : )

    • Nice to have you here! 🙂

    • Thank you🙂

    • Hi Rose, hope you like it here. How was Easter?

      • I did, thank you for asking, just struggling. Trying to not drink is hard and I didn’t do well this weekend in that area. It feels like all or nothing for me and I would rather have nothing to drink then fill sick and condemn myself the next morning when I have such a beautiful family and life. So much to be grateful for but constantly sabatoge myself then beat myself up emotionally for it. Kinda at my wits end and need to change. Hope you had a nice weekend too.😊

        • I am in the same boat Rose. I could have wrote the exact same words. Glad you found this place too. One day at a time…

        • You are in the right place! We often say one is not enough and 2 is too many. We want to drink it ALL! It’s so much easier to not drink at all and wake up feeling fab.

        • Being at your wits end could be the best place ever – could it be a rock bottom? There comes a moment when you just know it is time. If you know that and cannot really make it, then get help. Have you started with your Dr? Honesty, honesty honesty. If they don’t understand, find one who does! Let us know how it is going, drinking or not, come here for support and encouragement. Getting familiar and known helps

    • Welcome @rose44

    • Welcome❤️

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