• robynb posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Geez. Thought my kid doing okay, today she is homeless in Seattle and blaming her daughter, and drinking. I turned my phone off. I can’t help her. I also got a call from an old friend who recently learned her cancer came back. She was a bit drunk, and smoking. I don’t blame her. I kind of felt like doing the same, but I do t do that shit anymore, it doesn’t help. Ugh. Life is feeling hard right now.

    • 😩💩💪 I’m reinventing hieroglyphics. Thinking of you.

    • Oh that’s a tough day @robynb. 🙁 Ugh. Can’t help any of it. Bring on a better day tomoz.

    • Yip that’s a tough day, but your right drinking doesn’t help mists adds to the stress, hope tomorrow is better for you 🌸

    • It really doesn’t help does it. That’s a tough day you have there. Strength and aroha to you from NZ.

    • Thinking of you @robynb and sending you cyber hugs.❤️

    • Big hugs. It does seem like there are times when it rains it pours. I’m sorry.

    • oxoxoxxoxo So so much love your way. This is hard. I am proud of you for setting boundaries and not enabling your daughter after you have already helped beyond what is possible to get her out of her self-sabotage. This has got to be hard to witness. I hope she realizes there is a way out and makes her way to the appropriate authorities for professional support. We have lots of services for the homeless in my little town, I suppose Seattle does too. Back-to-work programs, free counseling, financial and housing aid, etc. I also remember you said she has this questionable boyfriend, so I hope she can break away from him too since it sounds like he wasn’t a good influence on her substance abuse.

      And I am so sorry to hear about your friend. So much suffering.

      For now….give yourself some extra self-care…I know easier said than done…plus, you’ve been holding so much and marching ahead. No need for unsolicited advice eh.
      Let’s stay sober and get through this day. Just today.
      That’s all we gotta do.

      If anything….I believe you are setting an example for your daughter (and anyone who knows you) and that’s never in vain. It matters that we show others that there is another way to live.
      Be gentle with robynb. She deserves it. oxoxoxo

      • Thanks @mari135. I went to bed, albeit a bit late, and was able to sleep, after some meditation. But tired today, and saddened to see terrible news about my hometown. Kind of a sad day, but onward. Life goes on, well for the lucky among us. I will make the most of it.

        • You are so wise, meditating to help yourself sleep. I hope there have been some joyful moments. you can only do so much, then must look to making the most of your own life XXXXXXX

    • Sending hugs and good thoughts from New York. I’ve heard that Seattle has a good network of support in place. I hope your daughter reaches out. In the meantime, good for you for taking care of yourself!

    • I can imagine it’s so hard to talk with her when she’s drinking and blaming other people. We can only hope they come around. I know you would help her if she showed progress, you sure have tried so often before. Maybe she’s nearing her rock bottom. I hope she gets better.

      • I would help her, but I am trying to pull myself out of a financial load of debt now. When she was here, she did not want to work for me to earn extra cash, and her be supposedly squirrel jobs cause didn’t like the way he was being treated. So, I don’t think any help would help, if You get my drift.

    • That is rough @robynb. Sending peaceful vibes your way….🙏

    • @robynb many prayers and positive thoughts for your daughter to get some help. 🙁 So hard and we know the only person that can help is that person themselves.

    • Just reading this now, @robynb. also read your resolution. my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

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