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    805 sober
    Ata marie
    The appointment with ACC went well. Doc was Welsh, and my kid has a Welsh middle name so we talked smack about names and there is something about the Welsh accent that is so lovely. Daughter was probably dying on the inside. Oh well too bad. lol. Off to work shortly. Have a great day out there in the world. Put your best foot forward. Eyes on the prize and all that jazz 😉
    Oh and don’t forget- piss isn’t oxygen-you will not die without it! ( seek medical help for detox if you drink litres of vodka a day ok )
    Ma te wa

    • Thanks @ro.
      glad to hear that your appointment went so well. You are overdue for some relief there and I really appreciate the reminder of just how bad things can get as I wade in what seems like the impossible. I can’t be King Kong right now but maybe he can give me a much needed lift.

    • I’m glad the appointment went well @ro. I’m in the middle of a week’s family reunion at the Connecticut shore with my family and 3 other families. Fun, but extremely busy! The cousins love it though. I can see my 4 nephews right now jumping around in the water with a frisbee from my chair in the porch. I had a long talk with my goddaughter yesterday about my cousin’s (her mother) alcoholism and drug use. Her adult daughters had to cut her off after a dangerous incident in winter and their repeated attempts to talk to her and get her help. This cousin was adopted at 2 years old after an abusive beginning in foster homes. She has struggled all her life and now I think she’s just given up. I’m supposed to see her on Friday, so we’ll see how that goes. It’s really sad. Fortunately, her 3 adult daughter’s are doing really well and have mature, supportive partners. Still, it’s a mess. Thank God we’ve given up alcohol, right?

    • He @Ro glad you had a spark of Welsh light to brighten your day. Have a great day

    • yep, a give me a good accent any day, welch, yep, or whatever, usually, just love different sounds, same words. Glad your daughters doc apt went well, @ro. it is your daughter, right? not your appointment? be well.

    • Glad it went well Ro – what happens next?

    • HI @Ro I hope those ACC people are going to cough up plenty for your daughter. And quickly! Hey I have Welsh heritage on my Dad’s side, love to go to Wales one day oxo

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