• Ro posted an update 5 days, 3 hours ago

    750 sober
    Struggled this afternoon after hearing a friend lost his 12yr daughter to suicide and will bury her tomorrow
    Absolute fucking shit

    • I’m so sorry @ro. 12….
      Devastating. Is anyone with you tonight?

      • So tragic 😢 yes thank you liberty I’m about to go to bed. My friend is in Dunedin. I just said to my partner that if I was there I would prob be drinking at a private club

    • Jesus. Sorry @ro. That really really sucks. 💔

    • So sorry to hear that @ro. No words.

    • Thats horrific, beyond words xx

    • How sad, but nit worth drinking for as it does nothing to honour her death or memory. I truly feel for her family

    • Oh fuck Ro I’m so sorry 😭

    • So sorry to hear this @ro

    • Gojo replied 5 days ago

      @ro I have no words for this tragedy so am sending you warmth and caring. This is so dreadful I can’t even begin to imagine what her parents are feeling. 🌿🌿

    • XXXXX even though I should be able to believe it, given my work, I can’t. Fucking shit indeed
      Heaps of love

    • Oh my goodness … heartbreaking. Im so terribly sorry. ❤️

    • JR replied 5 days ago

      @ro – Oh God Bless them all! 12?????? Today marks the two year anniversary of my friend’s 15 year old doing the same. The pressure for these children these days saddens me. Thank you for sharing. I will pray for them today.

    • Oh shit…. 🙁 This is so sad.
      Hugs and hugs your way, Ro.
      I just read an article how rare it is that children that age commit suicide. It was written by a child psychologist. Absolute tragic. oxoxoxox

    • What a tragedy and huge loss, my heart goes out to you and your friend.

    • I’m so sorry @ro

    • Oh soooo sorry. What the hell is up in this world??!!! Sending sincere condolences and carrying your and your friend in my hear today.

    • Oh no, that is awful. Im so sorry xoxo

    • Sorry, Ro. That IS shit. We just lost a niece-in-law to suicide 2 weeks ago. She shot herself in the head in a carpark and prepared by calling to tow company first. I firmly believe we need tv/radio/internet ads on how to cope and not commit suicide blanketing the world. I’m really sorry. Just so….I have no words…

    • Oh, that’s terrible. I can’t really think of any worse news. The pain of the parents must be unbearable. I’m sorry.

    • So sorry to hear this @ro. Devastating for her family. Take care of you too. Your friend is lucky to have you during this heartbreaking time. ❤️❤️

    • Oh @ro. Just a baby. Too too sore. Take care sweet lady.

    • That’s so incredibly tragic, Ro. I can’t imagine the pain you must all be going through. Grief from suicide is so immensely complicated and even more so when a child. There is specialist help for this situation and it’s really important to try and get it. I work with an organisation that does postvention work with schools after a suicide, mainly advising on the community aspect of things. Your friend has amazing support from you, but you need to really look after yourself too. Lifeline, Samaritans – places where people listen in confidence and without judgement and where you can talk frankly about suicide and suicidal feelings – just to help the fog clear a bit. All love, darling x

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