• Ro posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    731 sober
    Thanks to all who congratulated me yesterday. Very much appreciate your support and well wishes.
    @winner SO sorry about that recipe. I’m not down with not following through with what I say. If you google shaved brussel sprout recipe, the one I found had parmesan/pecorino, bacon and walnuts I think. It had a citrus shallot dressing. There are heaps to choose from, and they are all fairly similar.
    Plans for today- a whole lot of fuck all. Have to go see a mate to get him to have a look at my kids car, that her bfriend backed into during the week, to see if he can fix it ( he’s a panel beater), and that’s about it.
    What about you lot?
    Ma te wa

    • @ro – saw your update from yesterday, congrats on 2 years. love the post, new day, new way, be well.

    • So I missed your two year? Well that won’t stop me, congrats on two years Ro! Sounds like some amazing cooking going on. Didn’t know they shaved brussel sprouts. We spent the day getting the camper out of storage, leaving on Monday for four days at Lake Michigan. Holiday weekend here in the states, many do some ornamental planting this weekend. Sandy and I might get the grandkids involved. So far my back is holding up, hope yours is better, too. And two years; things sure can change a lot in two years.

    • Looking at a lifestyle block that seems a better price than favourite ones – taking sister and meeting friend there, then visiting a depressed friend who is in pain, may lose her home, hates her job with a passion, has endless family issues etc etc.
      I am quietly doing washing, sorting winter/summer clothes (trying to throw out… such a clinger to might-be-useful things ARRGGHHHH) – quietly and slowly as the horrible vertigo thing is creeping back so I fear the swing into craziness, falling sideways, nausea is hovering – sympathies @Mrs-d – may you never have a major attack again, minor is bad enough.
      Fabulous day here!! Loving it
      Can’t wait to try the brussel sprouts like that – YUM!

    • Oh I missed that momentous occasion @Ro, sorry about that. H U G E C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your two years sober. You are awesome. Staunch. We love you xoxo

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