• MāoriGirlSober posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    I’m wet from the rain and waiting to catch a bus that’s an hour away from my home.

    I’m not cold, and I’m belting out songs from the eighties.

    My shoes & socks are wet.

    The cars zip past with no hope of slowing. More than once I am splashed from the surface flooding.

    The shelter offers me a centimetre of cover. The wind mixed with the rain makes sure to counteract what might have been comfort .

    I’m dreaming about chocolate
    Cake with lashings of cream in the warmth of my home ❤️

    My muscles are holding up ok after a days work and a 5 km run this morning.

    My tummy’s full from a good lunch & I remember my lunch I made left in the staff fridge.

    I hope to myself someone will eat it.

    All in all I’m grateful for it all. The wet socks , the pouring rain and the winter wind .

    The situation could be far worse for me right now.

    I could be drinking and I’m not.

    No numbing. I feel the world and all it’s glory.

    Have a good day everyone ❤️

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