• MāoriGirlSober posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Up early in New Zealand where it’s a frosty morning. I have a bit of anxiety today as I’m meeting up with about 25 friends to go to a “Bottomless Brunch” all you can drink for $39 with food 😏.
    I’m getting ready for the drinks my friends will bring me and that I will turn down. I’m gathering strength to explain five times to the drunk representatives in the body of my friends that I don’t drink.

    In all honesty I’m looking forward to drinking coffee and ordering a deluxe version of French toast.

    As I write this my best friend , who I played mini golf with is the sober driver of the van . She text me to say “You’ve got this Mama!”

    I am telling myself how much I can’t afford to drink. I’m thinking of Sunday and the two hour drive home and how cruel it will be to be stuck on a bus and vomiting 🤮.

    I’m then turning the situation around and visualising me reading a gorgeous book instead and arriving home to tell my Husband I did it…

    Don’t be surprised if I post twenty times from 1.30 today out of sheer anxiety and fear .

    Off to practice some breathing now and positive affirmations ❤️

    • Just a thought. It’s Dry July, just you started 2 days early. Good luck you can do it.

      • Tell them it’s for a charity. That will stop them asking when they think you are after money.

    • Frosty here too on SI.

    • You can do this! It’s a great idea to play the tape to the end like you have. Really visualise the 2 different possible outcomes. You will feel so proud of yourself and gain some confidence too. Post as much as you need to. Enjoy yummy food and yummy coffee. And how awesome you have a friend to be sober with for it. Xo

      • Thank you 🙏🏾 I tell myself that by turning down the first drink is key and embracing every positive to follow. I’m proud of how far I’ve come . Telling the voice of doubt to eff off!

    • You will feel so good when you did it… I went out with the girls last night and was the driver… it was interesting watching them all drinking rose over dinner and talking more loosely about private things, how sometimes they kept repeating themselves. It was an eye opener to watch this, pretend it’s an experiment .. keep posting if i5 helps and enjoy your day xx

    • jingos that sounds full on! I find the first 20 mins can be a bit awkward when everyone is getting their drinks and talking about it a lot.. but after that the conversations shifts and it ends up just fine.. (until that part later on when everyone is drunk and talking shit, but that might not happen at a brunch..?!) There will be others in the group that are taking it extremely easy .. I was amazed to notice not everyone hits it hard like I used to! And there will be others who will wake up miserable tomorrow regretting things. You stand strong lady, what you are doing is epic and so, so awesome. We think booze is the answer to everything and it’s just not! This brunch is about female togetherness, friends, yummy food, not being at work, catching up on news, laughter etc etc. NOT just what is in your glass. You got this! Look forward to hearing how it goes xx

    • What an awesome best friend! How’d it go?

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