• MāoriGirlSober posted an update 1 month ago

    @mrs-d I just watched your documentary that is posted on this site . I resonated with lots of things in your story . A few weeks ago I recognised I am the boozy housewife/ the obnoxious friend/ my inability to keep secrets/ the selfish girl looking for the next drink/ the mystery account spender/ the miserable hungover wench the next day/ the reason we’ve cancelled our plans because I’m too sick and hungover .

    I’m surprised I still have a family and a marriage.

    My drinking I believe has always been a problem, but until I was ready to face it, no one talked about it.

    Two weeks ago I decided that would be my last hangover.

    The biggest thing is I feel hopeful for the future. Today I looked at all of the photos in our house and I had a moment of upset because I couldn’t find one photo where I wasn’t drunk, or had no drink in my hand, or was on my way to drinking. Moving forward this is something I would like to change. I want to have photos with my kids without a drop of alcohol in my system. Photos where I am refreshed and feeling the world around me. Thank you for creating this community. 13 days sober today.

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