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    Kia kaha friend ❤️ 22 days is incredible. We are with you 🙏🏾

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    That’s ok! Exercise helps me with my anxiety and over thinking. I’m exhausted in a constructive way 🙏🏾

  • Day 43. Had four days off the gym so it was a struggle to not go home after work. Smashed out a session and thought about how far I’ve come . Further than I ever thought.

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    Kia Ora. My night was cut short because there was an alcohol fuelled incident that happened outside of the club that involved a broken bottle and assault 😵. I had only been out for an hour and after that I went home. My old drunk self was numb to those sorts of situations. That’s not the case now.

  • Day 40 and another Friday alcohol free.
    Celebrated with my Husband by ordering a beautiful steak meal with a coke. Went for a walk around the city to hunt out dessert.
    We are currently travelling around the country for his line of work.
    My Husband works as a nightclub DJ and has since we met 13 years ago. He does not drink but I’ve made sure to pack away enough for us both in that time.
    My Husband has had free bar tabs for years and by some miracle I never got kicked out for drinking them dry.
    I never went to a gig sober because that would be boring..I never had the tools to see how much pressure I was putting on him in his place of work by consistently putting myself in danger.
    I’d make friends by using the Tagline “I’m the DJs wife let me get you a drink!” .
    I have probably met some of you here in this community!
    The things I have done to make friends and be liked…
    This weekend however, I’m strong enough to not do that. I’m strong enough to enjoy the music and atmosphere with water and dancing well instead of a sideways version of a grotty looking Beyoncé 😂😂😂.

    I haven’t been strong enough to go to one of his gigs until today. This was probably a deep reason for my anxiety on Friday’s & Saturday’s …

    So, if today is your first day or day 128 welcome and thank you.

    I want you to know , out there , you are loved , and being yourself is perfectly ok! You don’t need to enhance yourself through an alcohol lens.

    Here’s to 40 and the time I wasn’t sure I could do anything sober ❤️

    • Massive congratulations on your 40 days @māoriGirlSober ⚡️

    • Happy 40 days! Big milestone going back to the clubs. Great progress.

    • Awesome work❤️

    • Yes!!

    • Bravo !

    • Way to go! Good for you! 40 days and nights. And big changes coming down.

      If I may … I’d like to say that I worked in a similar kind of high profile profession for a bit and my husband was a huge asset to me doing my job (not that he isn’t an asset to my life as being my hubby – but professionally, I mean) as I’m pretty damned sure you are to your husband – personally, of course – but professionally too. Being classy and articulate as you surely sound – you’re being present while he’s DJ-ing raises the bar on the entertainment – the coolness factor – of the whole gig. You’re spot on when you say ‘you don’t need to enhance yourself through an alcohol lens.’ You really don’t. You are THE GIRL. You’re the person everyone wants to be friends with – not the other way around. So wrap yourself up in your sober coolness girl and enjoy! Happy dancing. I’ll be here dancing with you.

    • Congrats on 40 days – awesome!

    • Amazing – good work!!

    • Morena, well done you for 40 days! I also spent lots of my drinking time around music, not night clubs but live bands at bars and boozy music festivals. There were lots of bands which I wouldn’t listen to early on because I felt that they triggered my drinking thoughts. I take my hat off to you for feeling strong enough to get back out there and dance and enjoy music without the booze. Now that I’ve had some practice I reckon dancing sober is so empowering and fills my tank right up! Have an awesome weekend x

    • Hey @MaoriGirlSober how’d you go?

      • Kia Ora. My night was cut short because there was an alcohol fuelled incident that happened outside of the club that involved a broken bottle and assault 😵. I had only been out for an hour and after that I went home. My old drunk self was numb to those sorts of situations. That’s not the case now.

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    I’m learning what true self care is and that rewards should never be alcohol.

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    Thank you ❤️

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    Thank you so much. Emotional strength is exactly it and learning the lessons ❤️

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    Thank you for your kind words & congratulations ❤️ So grateful to share with others my thoughts x

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    Yes Morgan!!! I saw the lifehack comment on someone else’s post. I wish I could remember to give them credit !

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    That’s ok 😉 we don’t come here to have our spelling checked 😚 Thank you @enzedgirl!!!

  • Waking up today 38 days alcohol free. I never thought I’d make it through the white knuckle days in the beginning. I still have a way to go, but I take comfort in focusing on one day at a time.
    My whole attitude towards life has changed and it shows. I no longer slip into long periods of sad anxious deep thoughts. I no longer plan my life for the weekend to drink. I’ve created more authentic memories in this time and I’ve become closer to the one person that matters the most. Me.
    I’m no longer tearing down myself, I am uplifting her each day and really taking care of the one who looks back at me in the mirror.
    In the last 38 days I have lost two close Whānau members and fought every urge to drink. Two years ago I lost one of my best friends in the middle of my first go at true sobriety at 100 days and collapsed to the bottle then. Not this time.
    This time, I felt the emotions and surrounded myself with support. I came here to write and read others posts ❤️ That’s what has been getting me through.
    What feels impossible, can be possible. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other ❤️

    • Awesome go you, life can be tough booze makes it way worse. We are warriors, stronger than we think. One minute one hour one day. This site rocks and so do you ❤

    • Congrats on 38 days @Maorigirlsober! I am so sorry about your friends. Devastating. Your reply to my post was so kind, thank-you. xo

    • So sorry to hear about your friends – you are emotionally stronger and better able to cope without the alcohol. Good work surrounding yourself with support – your progress sounds amazing.

    • 38 days already? I absolutely love that you are putting yourself above all else. Self care is key. We can only truly help others when our cup overflows. I’m sorry about your friends. That is really tough to handle but you learned from your last experience and did the nuturing thing this time. You are a shining star! 💕

  • Realisation: I’ve only ever had two body shapes in my life.
    I’ve either been overweight from the excessive drinking and eating I would do afterwards, or sick and slim from living on a diet of bourbon and ciggys…
    Today I’ve noticed my skin is starting to retain its healthy glow & my body is beginning to look suspiciously athletic 🤔 another wish is done this ages ago moment. Like someone said, being alcohol free is the ultimate life hack !

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    3 years 👏🏾 You’re amazing!!!!!

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    I totally agree! My journey to sobriety began after I had influenza! I was so traumatised by it all , I made the connection that it felt similar after drinking! And I couldn’t figure out why the hell I did that to myself on purpose!!!!
    Rest up & get well soon my friend ❤️

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    248 times you made the choice to live life as your true self ❤️ Awesome 👏🏾

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    @aprilsfool I cried this morning reading this. I cried for many reasons. The first being that I am visiting places and having the flashbacks of my past behaviours and working through and past those emotions.
    Secondly because I know how hard it is to give up something so entrenched in ourselves and the constant negotiating.
    And thirdly , like you I know my journey of sobriety would have been much more difficult without this community 🙏🏾 Thank you for your post & congratulations for your 120 days!!!!

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    That’s incredible! You are an inspiration ❤️ May life continue to gift you rewards 🙏🏾 Thank you for your post.

  • Got home early last night from my work Mums 60th. I was exhausted!
    I sat on my coffee and had a few fizzy drinks & a beautiful kai ❤️
    I’ve noticed now that I am listening far better than ever before to the people I care about and value the most. My attention is with them and I enjoyed the evening.
    While everyone got well on their way and into the night, I slipped out to enjoy the crisp dark night and head home to my warm bed 🙏🏾 This morning on this Sunday I give the greatest of thanks to he loving sober community. Whether it’s your first day or day 300 I am thankful for you. I’m starting to lose count of how many Sundays I’ve woken up clean and fresh.
    Off for a run later to celebrate 🎉

    • What a special evening and you’ll remember it too. 🙂 I noticed I finally was really able to listen to people at social events, without booze fizzing up my head. It’s really nice to feel that presence. Happy Sunday to you.

    • Awesome, reaping the benefits of sobriety. Great to see you facing so many sober firsts and coming through with flying colours.

    • Beautiful post ❤️. So glad you enjoyed your night sober and grateful x

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    @kitten thank you ❤️ I will look that up now .

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    Thank you @narley 💪🏾 A month and a half ago I would never imagine being in the position I am now 💪🏾

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    That’s awesome ❤️ If you can get past the letterbox I call that a huge win!

  • I’m off to a surprise 60th birthday. I’m armed with a great cup of coffee and a ready attitude.
    The house belongs to one of my friends who is my guranteed friend who could keep a secret if I drank.
    I told her this week there would be no secret keeping because I won’t be drinking at her Mums birthday. She knows and understands and is supportive of me and my choices .
    This morning my son and I got up early and went into the city for breakfast and a bit of shopping. I am so grateful for moments like these because its helping the journey of healing as a Whānau ❤️.

    While we talked it hit me with how much time I’ve wasted, but also that it’s never too late to change.

    It’s better when I don’t drink.

  • It’s been a full on week with work and training for this half marathon. In 11 days since I started I’ve run 25km all up, which is higher than what I’d previously done. Zero 👌🏾😂.
    I’m proud of all the early mornings I got up in frost or shine to make it to the gym and I’ve met a couple of awesome people already.
    It’s certainly an upgrade from all the friends I had collected from the pub over the years 😏.
    One of the ladies I met has been running for 15 years and has overcome a lot of adversity in her life. She said hello to me after a gruelling session on the treadmill.

    She’s messaged my personal trainer today to say she met me and to ask if I’d like to do a session tomorrow. She wants to share some tips with me as a beginner.

    Pretty stoked to be invited and have a reason to wake up and get closer to being prepared to cross the finish line in September.

    Enjoying this winter night sober visualising future success .

    • Woooo!! Well done @māorigirlsober! Fitness has been one of my sober focus’s too and i’m Loving all those endorphins and toning up i’m getting! And that’s great you’re getting to meet new ppl who aren’t in it for the drinking buddies! 👍

    • That is awesome! That seems miles away from where I am at with my fitness right now but I would like to start something.

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    I’m wet from the rain and waiting to catch a bus that’s an hour away from my home.

    I’m not cold, and I’m belting out songs from the eighties.

    My shoes & socks are wet.

    The cars zip past with no hope of slowing. More than once I am splashed from the surface flooding.

    The shelter offers me a centimetre of cover. The wind mixed with the rain makes sure to counteract what might have been comfort .

    I’m dreaming about chocolate
    Cake with lashings of cream in the warmth of my home ❤️

    My muscles are holding up ok after a days work and a 5 km run this morning.

    My tummy’s full from a good lunch & I remember my lunch I made left in the staff fridge.

    I hope to myself someone will eat it.

    All in all I’m grateful for it all. The wet socks , the pouring rain and the winter wind .

    The situation could be far worse for me right now.

    I could be drinking and I’m not.

    No numbing. I feel the world and all it’s glory.

    Have a good day everyone ❤️

  • My Husband made a comment about something he noticed. He said he used to dread Mondays because I’d still be sick or hungover .
    He wasn’t sure how this weekend would go for me but he had hope and faith i would succeed.
    He said that when he saw me jump out of bed and go to work without any fuss, he felt inner peace because I had inner peace.
    He’s always checking in and knows weekends are the time I get more antsy than other days ..
    Things are getting better ❤️

  • One month one day ❤️

    I have been too exhausted from training to write . A pleasant type of exhaustion that’s been induced by exercise (never thought I’d say that!).
    I feel safe from the internal prison my anxiety keeps me in at times. It’s nice to be out and back at the gym.
    I’m getting used to being in a new community as opposed to the pubs and bars I would frequent…
    The people there are kind and I can see each of them doing their own healing ❤️ It’s been years since I’ve run more than a minute on a treadmill! Today I sustained 35mins!!!!
    Tomorrow I start again.
    I still do a fast walk past the alcohol aisle and look away when I see what feels like ten alcohol shops in a row… but at least it’s not all the way to drinking it 🙏🏾

    • You’re do amazing! The greatest gift I ever gave myself is my fitness and I let alcohol harm that, never again.

    • One month and one day sober – and 35 minutes on a treadmill!! Awesome. I got the sober part working – but they’d have to pick me up off the floor after 3 minutes on the mill. Good for you! Sober AND in shape! What a concept!

  • I feel everything. I am intuitive by birth and by nature.
    Before I could truly realise the potential of these spiritual gifts, I was numbing and blocking the power with alcohol from as young as 14.
    I got the “taste” after giving into a mix of curiosity and peer pressure.
    I started sneaking sips from my Dad’s bottles of Moonshine, and then a group of friends would make friends who were older than us with a purpose.
    To buy alcohol.
    I would lie and say I would be going to a sleepover. In my eyes my parents were too old fashioned and would never let me go to parties in the weekend. The reality was that I would be drinking vodka as fast as I could, and be vomiting in a garden by midnight.
    Then there was the time, that I was actually allowed to have alcohol and I greedily chose every RTD under the sun.
    I was only 15.
    The choices I made that night and the price I had to pay with being violently ill.
    Culturally, all my peers would laugh at this story. Because it would be their story, and I too would be laughing.
    I’m not laughing now.
    I’ve been drinking for two decades and now I am stopping.
    As my days become clearer and my senses return, I feel my spiritual self awakening.
    I think about the work that needs to be done to reverse the effects of the destruction I have caused.

    So, i took another step today. I signed up to do a half marathon.
    I got a personal trainer and a mindset coach to help me do it better.

    I have never ever done this sort of thing before in my life!

    It is something that “others” did. Not me.

    Just like being sober.

    Tomorrow I celebrate my first month being alcohol free.

    Thank you Living Sober community.

    • Well done.
      You rock.
      Thank you for your story.

    • Wow MāoriGirlSober that is totally cool 🙂 huge congrats on a month alcohol free. huge congrats on your half marathon goal! very cool to see you here doing this xox

    • Well done and Kia kaha. @MaoriGirlSober, our families and parents have a lot to answer, but they didn’t mean harm, they were doing the best at the time. Best look forward, not back, and enjoy those lovely sober mornings, the absence of lies and the healthy bank balance.

  • Ata Marie (Good Morning) . A beautiful frost and evening spent in the Waikato last night.
    Woke up feeling so good ❤️ My fourth Sunday, sacred & sober .
    Sipping on tea & reading Jack of Diamonds by Bryce Courtney today.

    Woke up to texts from my bestfriend who was my support person & sober driver .

    Her text read “Hey girl you didn’t miss a thing! It was a goodnight , things got messy, everyone will be incredibly hungover & jealous of us tomorrow 😂. May we enjoy our Sunday’s . Love you “.

    Going out for breakfast with a very good friend of mine who I admittedly would avoid because she’s been sober for many years and I didn’t want to feel judged by her .
    Here’s a trade secret :She never thought less of me. That was just me doing the classic avoidance .

    Enjoy your Sunday L.S family where ever in the world you may be. Sending strength out there and kindness x

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    Morena / Good morning Lucy. Whānau means family 😊. I speak Māori which is an official language of New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Today I survived the bottomless brunch! My first social outing. It was not awkward at all. One of my girls decided to also go sober because she wanted to enjoy everyone’s company and remember the day @mrs-d!
    Going in I was first one at the table waiting for my friends . I got an orange juice and felt at ease.
    Then I heard a loud obnoxious competition of voices from a table over . They were loaded and on their way . I saw myself in them.
    That used to be me .
    The shouting girl to be heard.
    Loose lips talking .
    No care at all.
    No f**** given.

    Today I enjoyed watching over my friends and being in their company . I enjoyed listening and laughing …without any alcohol.
    When it was time to get dropped off , a few “weren’t ready “ to go home.
    I remember the nights I’d go into adventure mode. Next drink, next party.

    I was invited to two parties (by my drunk friends, not the hosts 🙄). Old me would have walked in like an entitled shameless guilt … oh dear, the things I thought I could do.

    As I got to my house I took a breath.

    Home BEFORE sunset. Home to my Whānau .

    Greeted by smiling faces.

    Thank you , living sober family.

    I took you all with me.

    Currently by the fire 🔥.

    Goodnight x

  • Update on brunch : I’ve decided to name every Mimosa Jason Mamoa the Mimosa 😂 as beautiful and entrancing and seductive he may appear in real life , and as attractive as he is with what could possibly be…I’m married and would never cheat on my Husband. I am not about to cheat on myself now. What other people choose to do is their business and not mine …. If you haven’t noticed I live my life through metaphors 😂… the thing is , Mamoa & the Mimosa are a hyped up illusion for me. They lead to one place… the place I’ve visited too many times & never want to go again 🙏🏾

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    Thank you ! I’ll be visiting down South in a few months ❤️ Queenstown . My first of many sober trips 🥶

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🏾 I tell myself that by turning down the first drink is key and embracing every positive to follow. I’m proud of how far I’ve come . Telling the voice of doubt to eff off!

  • Up early in New Zealand where it’s a frosty morning. I have a bit of anxiety today as I’m meeting up with about 25 friends to go to a “Bottomless Brunch” all you can drink for $39 with food 😏.
    I’m getting ready for the drinks my friends will bring me and that I will turn down. I’m gathering strength to explain five times to the drunk representatives in the body of my friends that I don’t drink.

    In all honesty I’m looking forward to drinking coffee and ordering a deluxe version of French toast.

    As I write this my best friend , who I played mini golf with is the sober driver of the van . She text me to say “You’ve got this Mama!”

    I am telling myself how much I can’t afford to drink. I’m thinking of Sunday and the two hour drive home and how cruel it will be to be stuck on a bus and vomiting 🤮.

    I’m then turning the situation around and visualising me reading a gorgeous book instead and arriving home to tell my Husband I did it…

    Don’t be surprised if I post twenty times from 1.30 today out of sheer anxiety and fear .

    Off to practice some breathing now and positive affirmations ❤️

    • Just a thought. It’s Dry July, just you started 2 days early. Good luck you can do it.

      • Tell them it’s for a charity. That will stop them asking when they think you are after money.

    • Frosty here too on SI.

    • You can do this! It’s a great idea to play the tape to the end like you have. Really visualise the 2 different possible outcomes. You will feel so proud of yourself and gain some confidence too. Post as much as you need to. Enjoy yummy food and yummy coffee. And how awesome you have a friend to be sober with for it. Xo

      • Thank you 🙏🏾 I tell myself that by turning down the first drink is key and embracing every positive to follow. I’m proud of how far I’ve come . Telling the voice of doubt to eff off!

    • You will feel so good when you did it… I went out with the girls last night and was the driver… it was interesting watching them all drinking rose over dinner and talking more loosely about private things, how sometimes they kept repeating themselves. It was an eye opener to watch this, pretend it’s an experiment .. keep posting if i5 helps and enjoy your day xx

    • jingos that sounds full on! I find the first 20 mins can be a bit awkward when everyone is getting their drinks and talking about it a lot.. but after that the conversations shifts and it ends up just fine.. (until that part later on when everyone is drunk and talking shit, but that might not happen at a brunch..?!) There will be others in the group that are taking it extremely easy .. I was amazed to notice not everyone hits it hard like I used to! And there will be others who will wake up miserable tomorrow regretting things. You stand strong lady, what you are doing is epic and so, so awesome. We think booze is the answer to everything and it’s just not! This brunch is about female togetherness, friends, yummy food, not being at work, catching up on news, laughter etc etc. NOT just what is in your glass. You got this! Look forward to hearing how it goes xx

    • What an awesome best friend! How’d it go?

  • This morning I was hypnotised by the sunrise this morning over the ocean . I was drawn to walk towards it and watch it rise.
    Most sunrises I can remember I saw would be from doing all nighters and benders. I would always feel deep shame for drinking until the sun was up…a low point for me was doing it on a working day and seeing all the fit people up running and people heading to work.
    I would have looked like trash…
    This morning I reclaimed what will be the first of many more delicious sunrises.
    Friday’s and Saturday’s are the days I get most anxious and so I log in here to be with our community…
    I survived another day today.

    • Reads like you are thriving RineyLou. Beautiful post.

    • Oh what an awesome, peacefilled post. I feel better just from reading it. Thank you!

    • Lovely! Weekends were hard for me, too, and sometimes still are. Downtime is my trigger. I kept telling myself that while working to build up sober distance, weekends are just another day of the week. Not an excuse to drink, not a reward for white-knuckling it through the week. I’d switch things up. Got to evening Mass, go to afternoon movies, bingewatch Netflix. Visit people in the evenings who were astounded to see me but also surprised I visited sober!

    • What a great way to wake up.. sounds wonderful.. your doing great and your inspiring me @RaineyLou.. It’s Friday evening here in the UK and I only had one little pull today because the sun’s out and well it’s Friday.. but no it’s a soda and lime and no shame and guilts in the morning xxx

  • MāoriGirlSober posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Today is the 26th day I have been alcohol and smokefree.

    This week I have re opened back up to the Universe, and as a result, it has made a huge difference in my life.
    Two weeks ago my body was riddled with anxiety. Why? Because I cared about too many things that didn’t matter, and I didn’t give enough damn about the things that did.
    Has that happened to you?
    Today, as I sit her, committed to being a better writer (who writes, because I wasn’t) I take in a deep breath and thank myself for doing better.
    I thank myself for turning around back into myself and realising my actions lead me in the wrong direction, and ultimately it will be my own actions that lead me out.
    Today will be the fourth day in a row that I have left my internal prison of thought , and gone for a run.
    Today is the third day that I have woken up at 4.30am to give myself the time needed to do everything I need too, unrushed.

    Today is the day where I feel in control of my life, and that I didn’t completely throw it in the trash.
    And because of this turn around, because of my attitude adjustment, the Universe is opening my eyes to do a few things. To feel pain, and to feel joy. To see people I would often turn away from and connect with them. To meet new people and say “Hello” just because it is the right thing to do.
    Before this huge change, I had been listening to entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. His straight talking, cut through the shit, was exactly what I needed to hear.
    In the end we have nothing to lose, yet if we are careless, we have everything to lose.
    Am I scared? Every day. I’m afraid of everything. Yet each day without the booze it feels less and less, and that I’m not necessarily doing everything right, I’m just getting my life a little less wrong…
    I’ve always wanted to write a book. Perhaps this is the start.
    Have a good day.

    • Ro replied 3 weeks ago

      Good work and great post. I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Wonderful post @rineylou. So inspiring espec for me. Careless is a great word for me to hear. Im so guilty of throwing caution to the wind and–the fuck its land in. Before I know it—im in wine trouble!! Thanks for reminder.

    • I love this💜

    • What an uplifting post! Giving up alcohol is the best gift you can give yourself and it sounds like you are reaping the benefits.

  • Morena. Today I acknowledge that the voice of self doubt does not belong to me. It doesn’t belong to me , because the truest part of me is kind. I am kind and loving to myself ❤️

    When I’m feeling like that voice is loud and taking over, I listen to the Spotify list called FEARLESS MOTIVATION. It’s helping me to push through these cold and frosty mornings.

    Another night down , another day ahead.

    Be kind to yourself today ❤️

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    Sending virtual hugs to you during this time ❤️ Kia kaha my friend.

  • Kia Ora Community. Still sober and inching on my first month down for the rest of my life.
    Made some changes and adjustments to my attitude this week with support from my Whānau . I’ve been allowing myself to be vulnerable and share different thoughts I’ve been having , followed by lots of healthy and healing tears.
    For so many years of robbed myself of days , so I’ve started getting up early . Like 4.30 early! I have time to meditate and it’s like watching the world sleeping . I watched the stars of Matariki rise and I’ve been enjoying uninterrupted coffees and unhurried showers.
    I’ve also gotten over my anxiety and have been going to the gym. I love running & so far I’ve done 2 days 😊.
    My legs are like concrete , yet it is a welcome pain as opposed to the internal “feedback loop from hell”. I really do feel like I’m getting further from my own internal prison and trap .
    I’m riding the wave of all these new feelings . I’m feeling new ❤️

  • Monday was the best Monday I’ve experienced in a while. Had a vulnerability moment pouring my heart out to my Husband about the dreams I once had but that were forgotten in a haze of drunkness. Ended up in tears because I know this time is different and that sobriety is the key to opening a door I’ve never been able to walk through . Currently reading “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” which lead to the moment. We ended the talk with a hug and a kiss on the forehead with comforting words of support.

  • Realisation: I haven’t binged in takeaways today or taken a bite out of seven different choices because my body can’t keep down food . I haven’t yelled at the kids or have a sudden suffocation moment of anxiety and insecurity. I haven’t had my 17th trip to the bathroom to silently spew as quiet as I can & dare not look at last nights makeup smeared across my face. Today I have showered fully alert as opposed to having the shakes & unable to be in the steam…. as each day goes by , I see how embedded and “normal” it was for me to accept my behaviour…today I forgive myself as I am getting better ❤️

  • Went to the local craft market and bought beautiful jars of home made pickles and vegan treats ❤️ A welcome change from not being able to leave bed for a solid 24 hours . I feel healthy. I feel strong.

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Lol. I come from a town with an extremely heavily accepted drinking culture, so most people I know , drink and share their adventures. Last nights antics consisted of : unexplained injuries and lighting toilet paper on fire stuck into their pants…

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Ahhhhh….I remember the sound of allllll the bottles emptying ….

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Yes ! An absolute gift!

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    It’s funny you’re right. Never have I thought a party would have been so much better if I had got wasted 🤔

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Ain’t that the truth!!!

  • MāoriGirlSober posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    He isn’t phased at the moment . He’s super supportive . I’ve given up drinking many times. Short periods and long periods. He’s happy that I’m happier and being kinder to myself by looking after me better than I was ❤️

  • Watching Snapchat highlights of people’s boozy nights. No judgement, more like relief that I’m no longer contributing to that lifestyle in that way. Also, I can happily say I am no longer a shareholder in Powerade! #TeamNoHangover

    • Ha!! @RineyLou….yeah, just having m’morning coffee observing the sounds from around the neighborhood as various air-b & b’s and up-market holiday home-owners march a near-silent dirge to their recycle bins ~ the clatter is deafening, haahahaa!

    • @rineylou how do you find those on snapchat? I’m happy for you! Keep up the great job.

      • Lol. I come from a town with an extremely heavily accepted drinking culture, so most people I know , drink and share their adventures. Last nights antics consisted of : unexplained injuries and lighting toilet paper on fire stuck into their pants…

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