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    Mine too honey!!

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    YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Just stop now. Do not pick up that 1st drink. Stop the family drinking pattern. You can do it. I know you can!!! @jsquad6. It’s not easy to up and quit but it is doable. Write down a list of why you want to stop drinking and keep that list close

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    “Buy 2 bottles – just in case”. Chuckle. Chuckle. I SOOOOO get that. Lol. 305 days – NO turning back now!

    • @r51thanks, funny how I never thought that was strange to need 2 bottles, towards the end I can even remember kidding myself that I should buy 3 bottles so that it was for 2 days and all the time knowing I really would open that number 3. Oh my. I just could only ever buy a daily allowance or I would drink it all.

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    Lol. I felt like that too. 3 weeks felt like an eternity!! Great job. Sobriety looks awesome on you!!

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    Good for you for coming here and addressing your drinking. Even while moderating, drinking never brings us any positive benefits. Once drinking is out of the way it gives you so much extra time and head space to work on the other issues that it sounds like you need to deal with. It also frees up money that you could use to buy more encouraging…[Read more]

    • I agree with you. I feel like I am just awakening to all of this in many ways. I strive very hard not to take it personally, but I have also very recently learned about Empaths and I realized that I meet nearly every criteria. He can turn a perfectly nice day into a stress-filled one where the whole house walks on eggshells and just wait for…[Read more]

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    I’m sending you a ginormous cyber hug and lotsa love. You deserve a 2 ton gold medal. Hang in there. That would be like me being in a 10×10 room filled with nothing but Reese’s peanut butter cups and watching everyone eating and eating them and me only watching, smelling and trying to abstain. You’re a true inspiration. Stay the course my frien…[Read more]

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    You’re answer to the next time of a questioning/debating mind is this mornings reflection. Great job staying true to you and your ultimate desire to remain AF. Enjoy this little things today.

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    I completely echo everything @AnneC said!!

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    Hugging you back my dear friend!

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    Great job on day 4. I think day 5 will be a really good one for you also.

  • R51 posted an update 13 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Its so nice to have my body feeling completely purged and restored and renewed. Best way to spend next half of my life. Coulda, shoulda, woulda……. I wish I would have turned off the drinking path sooner but it doesn’t really matter now since I cannot change it. I struggle with that but I have to turn those thoughts around and just focus o…[Read more]

  • R51 posted an update 6 days, 11 hours ago

    I am echoing all our friends on here by letting all you NZ friends know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today. It’s crazy stuff like this can easily be a trigger but we don’t give in to that evil snare. Evil does not win with more evil. Stay safe friends……xoxoxo

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    @Mari135. Nope. Never. Again. Thanks to our friendships and insights here.

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    Be ever so grateful you are sober for those kiddies turning into teens!!!! I raised 3 of them so far and am working on my 4th. Raising teens is NOT for the weak of heart! Hope the dog vomit cleaning fairy showed up for you today. Lol.

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    I get the whole romance part of drinking. How about buying a very nice set of Champaign glasses with 50th anniversary on them. Buying and chilling a bottle of sparking non alcoholic cider and actually like the taste of it and get to admire and recognize your momentous marriage achievement and celebrate your sobriety.

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    I like both your numbers “47” today. Looks awesome on you!

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    You are truly an inspiration!! Keep up the awesome work. And we all know it is work, right? Enjoy that peace of mind you deserve!!! All the freed up head space of planning next drunk, when, where, how much, when to stop, then all the next day mind chatter. So glad we dont waste our precious mind space on that toxin anymore! You rock!!!!

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    Have you tried melatonin?

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    I remember seeing ads on tv for dog walking apps???

  • R51 posted an update 1 week ago

    It feels so authentic to “walk the talk” FINALLY!!!!! So many years of begging myself and God to help me stop the horrible viscous drinking cycle. So much damage done. So many attempts to stop. I pray I never ever ever go back to my drinking ways. I keep thinking about it and especially when others around me are drinking – is there ONE pos…[Read more]

    • Love this! And no….no benefits I can think of. Booze made my depression and anxiety flare up BIG times…the latest the next morning….Hello, hangover abyss depression hell purgatory. oxoxox
      My favorite thing, aside from not dry-heaving my insides out, is that I NEVER have to do a “damage control move” the next day….Did I post some drunken…[Read more]

    • Jocord replied 1 week ago

      That question was THE one that made me quit. What is one benefit to drinking aside from blurring my consciousness? I’m not missing out on a thing by giving it up. It’s not necessary. Realizing the answer to this question flipped my switch to off. So glad I’m in your camp @R51!

    • Agirl replied 1 week ago

      Nope. Nil. Which makes it the strangest craze to ever take over our planet in my opinion!

    • It’s such an AH-HA moment when you realize alcohol makes nothing better. And that’s the illusion (delusion?!) that we thought for all that time that booze enhanced everything. NOT!

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