• Prudence posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello team. I’ts been a pretty intense time for me lately…..big life decisions….which can make things a bit triggery. Especially knowing that if only I’d drunk alcohol I would have slotted into this community here like a slippery little eel! Yesterday I went to a Sharmanic soul connection healing circle thing in Christchurch. I didn’t expect too much but gained a lot. It was quite powerful, and beautiful. It helped me to put things into perspective and feel more positively about my decision to leave this beautiful place. And about my time here. This all happened just within myself, during a guided meditation with sharmanic chanting, drums, sage smoke floated around our bodies, tuning forks, all the mumbo jumbo, can’t hurt I feel! So, now I understand. I’ve build this home on my ancestral land, my spiritual home, where I feel connected to the spirits of my parents and have happy memories of my childhood. I have lived here over two years, quietly, happily, and contemplated many things. I have rested. I have grown. I am flipping the switch for a while. I’m going to go live in my little Redcliffs rental unit, to live a more connected city life for a while, and my home here will always be here, and it will be a place I come to whenever I want, only an hour or so away. I will lock off my bedroom area, get a foldout couch for the lounge where my office is now, swap a bit of my furniture around (Redcliffs is fully furnished) and I’ll rent this out as a holiday home with 2 queen rooms, a fold out and a day bed, and hope to hell they don’t wreck it and nick my stuff! For the next while anyway, I will not be trying to fit in here, I will be here simply to drink in the serenity when I feel like it. We can have gatherings here still. Although I will be moving to a much more humble home, I am upping my lifestyle considerably coz now I’ll be that chick with her own holiday home haha. Financially it will be challenging, but that never stopped me doing anything. I have asked my tenants if I could break the lease, told them the truth of why, and they have agreed, bless them, and already found another place and move out on 10th September. So that’ll keep me on my toes, and I’m off to Bali the week after! So all is good, just changing the hood!
    Happy days and nights everyone xoxo

    • Sounds like you’ve got it sorted @Prudence – the reasons why your built your house and why you needed to be there and it seems you’ve fulfilled that need and now you can to the city and will be happy there. Enjoy Bali and come back renewed ready to take on your next adventure.

    • congrats, @prudence. isn’t it great when you don’t drink, you can trust your decisions whatever spot they come from. good luck, have fun.

    • Sounds like you’ll have the best of both worlds. Good on you for following your gut on what’s right for you. xoxo

    • Good on ya.

    • Sounds like you have it all under control. Sometimes we just sit in the place we shouldn’t be. You are brave following what is right for you and doing it. Your happiness and peace is the most important thing.

    • @prudence, the shamanic ritual sounds like an interesting experience, I’ve done a few similar women’s moon circles. Making the big life choices and changes is stressful. I pulled the trigger and made the firm decision on what facility I want to move my Mum into today. Now I can plan accordingly rather than taking up all my head space with a zillion ” what ifs”. Quite the relief actually knowing where we’re headed.

    • k1W1 replied 2 weeks ago

      You are blessed to have the room to make such a decision. Redcliffs and Sumner areas are beautiful that’s where mum used to live. I loved it there wonderful quaint shops, good cafes, and lovley picture theatre

      • I know @Kiwi and I’m very grateful. I bought the wee Redcliffs place last year as is where is. Was a real dump. Worse place best street. Did it all up and got it insured. I know I am lucky, but I’ve taken huge risks to get to this position. You’ll have to come visit xx

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