• Prudence posted an update 4 weeks ago

    Hello team. I’ve been a bit awol while tearing around southern Italy at a fast pace, not much downtime between activities. What an amazing time I’ve been having. My heart is full. I walked the Path of the Gods from just above Amalfi to Positano. It is a long walk, about 3 or 4 hours, quite a rugged and rocky track, and of the utmost beauty, high in the hills looking over the Mediterranian and beautiful rocky cliffs and as you get towards the end you see Positano looking so amazing and beautiful, and then to reach it you walk down 1700 ancient stone steps. My legs are sore but I’m so happy to have that memory. There were shepherds with goats who stayed in the hills in old stone huts. Had to stop and let the goats go past. It’s been the most beautiful time learning about the ancient history of many of the places I’ve visited. I arrived in France yesterday and I’m sitting up in bed in my most gorgeously French apartment my firends have got ready for me above their house. It is so cool, and pink and absolutley charming and overlooking the beautiful countryside, and it has a lovely big sunny and light bathroom that even has a bath. Unfortunately my friend Steves’s partner Michelle has had to fly back to Australia as her Dad is dying. We had hoped to do Paris together and she didn’t know it but I’d planned to drag her off to the Riveria for a few days, so now things are a bit different and I will adapt. I will chill out here and catch up on business and correspendence and have a good rest, then figure it all out as I go. Soon I’ll have a bath then I’m going to try to pump up the tires on a ricketly old pushbike and bike into the quaint little ancient village. In Italy I was around tables every night being the only one not drinking, the last night they really cut loose (lightweights!!!) jeez! I could have showed them a thing or two about how to drink!! Hahaha but No booze is good news for me. Fresh as little daisy in the mornings, and looking forward to my virgin mojitos in the evenings. Hope everyone is doing okay. I think of you all and LS every day and I give thanks, as without many of you, @Mrs-D and LS, I would not be here travelling in Europe on my fricking own, no way Jose, and hey, if I was I’d be pissed!!!! Hahaha booze is for suckers! Life is for Living. Let’s all be who we were born to be, not some watered down lesser version of ourselves. @normaleelucid how was that earthquake yesterday? You all good? Don’t know much about it. Any damage? This news junkie hasn’t watched any news since leaving Christchurch. Over and out. Happy days one and all xoxox

    • Ro replied 4 weeks ago

      That coastline-wow 😍 and the history huh. We got a tsunami warning but then that was cancelled. Ooh food from France now! Cheese mmmmm and pate mmmmm and pastries aaarrrgghh yummm. Enjoy it all @prudence 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵

    • oh get you gal trippin around Europe all sober and fabulous, love it! x

    • Sounds amazing! I’m so proud of you making this happen. Creating clear and truly present memories. Big hugs xo

    • Oh it all sounds like a gorgeous book, views, quaint little places to stay and the fabulous heroine lapping it all up!!!! Go you girl, enjoy every moment. Much love❤️

    • What a great read. Sounds absolutely perfect. So very happy for you.

    • I can just imagine you biking around the village 😁 Have you brought yourself any cowboy boots? So glad your having an amazing time

    • you sound absolutely full of life, @prudence, keep on. best.

    • Sounds like going to heaven – hey, maybe it is how it will be, but no sore legs

      • Maybe it will @Morgan. When I was a kid I’d say I didn’t care what heaven was like as long as they had cherries and let us eat as many as we want

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