• Prudence posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hello brave heroes. A nasty cold and very windy and rainy day here at Takamatua. Worried about my Georgia as she is driving over on her own in her wee Mazda and I’m scared she’ll get blown off the road. She will be scared too, the poor wee thing. She wanted to come and see me and stay a night as we will both be too busy next week before I flap out on Wednesday. The sea is really rough and muddy looking and angry and choppy. How good that the glassy days are so much more frequent than this. Not a lot to report. Took a few more clothes out of my pack this morning in the hope that I can fit just one pair of cowboy boots in. I have decided I simply cannot travel for 5 weeks without boots, summer or not! Not taking anything warm, just a denim shirt, can’t fit warm clothes in they take up too much room. Ok enough of that! Hope you are all having a fun weekend, and staying off the piss and feeling the bliss. Heroes! xoxo

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