• Prudence posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning team. I’ve had a rough couple of days with some horrible tech problems with my email and my business website, which stressed me out totally as couldn’t have come at a worse time. Sorted now however, but was not fun at all.
    Looks a bit cold outside this morning. Got a quiet weekend planned. I’ll be trying to eliminate 3/4 of all the clothes I’ve got lying all around my room as they won’t fit in my small macpac so I shall have to be very discerning about what I actually take with me. Book club last night and thank F I’mnot doing keto any more coz the host made vegetarian sausage rolls and then chocolate fondants with home made vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It was like I died and went to heaven. Beats booze hands down. And I can re-live it over and over in my memory, unlike my more boozy nights…..haha. Happy Days and nights to you all xoxo

    • Oh yum! and shit to the techie probs. I have had a week of delightful carbs – my appreciation has soared which makes it so worthwhile having a bit of deprivation. Now I am longing to go back to low carb as a little fogginess is entering my poor brain – can’t have that, reminders of wine days 🙁 🙁
      Perhaps I could come and help you pack ?! the worst packer in the world tho …

    • Hey @Prudence, technique isn’t a friend of mine, can make me run mad… Now that boozing is not an option anymore, sweet delicacies are a wonderful sin – without regrets (if not eaten three times a day…) Have a nice day, I will go to bed right now, tomorrow a shopping tour with my daughters is planned!

    • techie problems stress me out no end…!! (not ideal for someone managing a busy community website 😜) very lovely to see you in here.. look forward to hearing about your sober travels!! x

      • Yes @Mrs-D it was so bad. My web guys telling me my site needs to be uploaded to a new server because its being decommissioned on 20th June, at which time I will be away. And need things working seamlessly so I can operate from over there. I got so stressed I broke out in a rash and then my gmail stopped working. That turned out to be I’d run out of storage so phew…just bought more. In the end after 35 hours of worrying and trying to find new hosts and having complicated conversations, I made my current web guys promise to wait till I’m back in July before moving my website. Calm again now but was just awful for a day and a half, no sleep either. All good now though. And yes I’ll be checking in while I’m away to tell you of my adventures xx

    • Im looking at buying a back pack for my travels in November, I have to opposite problem, my daughter says Im not going to take enough. I figure I will wear the same thing over and over. Kathmandu have a cool top which is reversible and had odor control. We are away for 6 weeks and will be getting on and off plane and trains, I want simple. Sounds like life is treating you well

      • Oh @K1W1 I am a fiend for clothes. I have to have at least a dozen choices. My biggest worry is if I do any shopping I wouldnt fit more than a hanky in my pack haha. The only sensible thing I did was get quite a small pack… keep myself in line. Where are you going? Xx

        • Going to a wedding in Ireland then doing Scotland london through Europe then on way home New York and LA

      • Who you going with @K1W1? Sounds amazing

    • @prudence that’s awesome you are minimalizing the wardrobe. I so agree about dessert! Where was I all those years thinking booze was better? My eyes and taste buds have been opened!

    • Ugh, sorry to hear about those pesky tech problems….that’s no fun one bit. Our college’s online teaching tool was down all week and I about tore my hair out since summer classes start soon.
      I am glad it sounds like your issues were resolved and back to normal (and laundry!) now. Phew.


      You go enJOY those sober treats. Well-deserved!!

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