• Prudence posted an update 1 week ago

    Hello brave warriors. A howling southerly wind blowing here, even blew over one of my Lancewoods. Today I will be honoured with a visit from our very own @Mac007 and her partner. Mac doesn’t come on here much any more but when she does she always writes a goodie. She is a long time sober like me, nearly 5 years so was here in the early days when there were just a few hundred of us. Looking forward to a good old catch up with them, they will stay the night. Pity it is not a beautiful day like most of yesterday but we can’t have everything, the quality company will be just fine.
    A lovely Mothers day weekend, with Georgia and Dane arriving on Saturday with the dogs and we cooked up a beautiful salmon dinner with a middle eastern style very yummy couscous and potato and kumura roasties. Then we watched a movie which took them 40 minutes to decide on! Then part way through I apparantly fell asleep on the couch. I asked a question about the movie (boring) and Georgia said “Well no wonder you do’t know, you’ve been asleep for ten minutes” and I said “I have not been asleep at all, I was watching, I just forgot that bit”. She said nothing and a wee while later I woke up to a text. It was from Georgia and was a photo of me asleep…hahahahaaa. Even as a kid she got very annoyed if I ever fell asleep in a movie. My sole excuse “I am old, it happens”. Then on Sunday Rory came over early and Dane cooked us all up a very delicious breakfast. They went back to the city to do dinner with Dan’es Mum andRory stayed on and we sat on the deck and chatted for ages. I’m going to miss him badly when he goes, he will be finished his build here quite soon.
    I didn’t miss drinking this weekend. I didn’t even think of it. Sober is cool. I love it. It makes my life about all the real stuff. Happy days team xoxo

    • haha that’s me falling asleep watching movies 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

    • Winner replied 1 week ago

      Super cute ❤️😂

    • Crack up! I can just picture you getting the text, hehe. You sure will miss Rory. You have had him close for quite a while now.
      I can’t believe we are nearly 5 years. 25k of money not filtered through my organs!
      Happy Monday sweet xx

    • Mrs D replied 1 week ago

      Ha ha I was watching something with my mum the other day and she kept falling asleep then waking up and saying ‘this is boring’… I was like it is not you just have to concentrate! x

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