• Prudence posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello everyone. I have had a rare and unusual gardening frenzy this morning/afternoon, such a gorgeous sunny still day here and I started pulling a few weeds from the cacti garden and ended up taking lots of cuttings of the succulents beneath the cacti and taking them down to my new garden at the bottom of the banks and planting them all and weeding that whole garden and then weeding heaps on my bank. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I am not a natural gardener. But today I am feeling quite fabulous because I have glimpsed a future me that is very happy in a garden.
    It has taken me a long time to allow myself to unfold, my real and true self, and I am still a work in progress. Today I am so happy that I haven’t pushed myself to take everything on at once. One day Imight even start liking exercise!! For tight now I am feeling very grateful to be sitting on my deck in the beautful autumn sunshine with some quiet Ray Le Montagne on the speakers and I’m giving myself the rest of the day off. The sea is aquamarine, the tide is high, the grass is green, the sky is blue and the toe toes are blowing in the breeze, and I am happy. I am so glad to have you all to share my little moment with. No matter where you are on your path to become your best self, the biggest gift you can give yourselves is to learn to Trust. Trust your lives. Trust yourselves. Stay true to this decision you have made. All good things will come your way. xoxoxo

    • Good shit on the garden! That’ll feel great! I just look at mine every day and think what a fucking mess it is…My Mum has an amazing garden, but she works in it every day, and maintains it. Glad you put your feet up to. All work n no play n all that ya know . . 😉

      • Oh no I’m not an every day girl at all @Ro, today was more like a fluke!! And it wouldn’t matter how much i ever got done here, there would still always be way more to do. But still it was really nice to be in the mood for it. I usually just cringe at all the weeds. My sister Kitty and her husband Tony have their lovely home here and another nice new home in Christchurch (earthquake rebuild) and they have retired and they come over here and spend their whole days every day in the garden, then they get a bit pissed, then do it again, then after a few days they go back home and do it all in their town garden. I don’t get it. But I don’t knock it either because it has made them happy all their married lives (45 years) and it is a healthy habit, the gardening part of it anyway.

    • @prudence you always motivate and enlighten me. I hope that someday I’ll like gardening too- at least the minimum to keep my yard looking decent. Sounds so lovely where you live. Little bits at a time, unfolding naturally….ahhhhh

    • Go you intrepid gardener. Nothing more satisfying than a day at it; good for the soul.
      So nice to have a @prudence update 🙂 xx

    • ooh i love a bit of gardening … don’t do much at them moment … i think it’s great because i think it’s a mindful activity … you have to focus on what you’re doing and it can be very therapeutic and calming. so glad you had a nice day out there x

    • Lovely! I drove home from Papamoa to Auckland yesterday and stopped about 4 times to take photos in the karangaheke gorge. I just love, love, love that piece of country where the river flows through the gorge. Lucky to live in such an amazing country.

      • Tis a beautiful country indeed @Rise2015 and so very sad to hear on the news tonight about all the Anzac Parades being reduced from about 100 in Auckand down to 26, as the parades are a moving target. How shocking that this is the way the police and councils and RSA’s have to think now. So gutted our beautiful little country has changed forever.

    • Sounds like a wonderful day.
      I am so looking forward to the fences being done at this new place, so I can make a bit of a garden.
      (without new fences the goats are escaping the field into the garden and eating anything and everything!)

    • I’ve found gardening since getting sober too @prudence. I love putting headphones on and getting lost in podcasts. Can’t seem to find the time at the moment but i know i will in the future. For now i am dreaming of my garden design at the new house… I’m aiming for a bird paradise

      • Yeah you’re not going to know yourself when you get into that cool new house @Marmite, it is such a big buzz to have created something from the ground up. I t will be amazing for your whole family. All power to ya xoxo

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