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    Good morning team. Been a busy week getting everything prepared for the accountant for the end of the financial year. I like to be right onto it and get my stuff into him before anyone esle does, so I know early where I stand and can prepare for it. Nearly done and hope to drop the lot off to him tomorrow and that will feel GREAT and really free up some headspace for me. Also I have finally jumped through all the hoops required to get confirmation yesterday on the sale of my wee house at Diamond Harbour. Very pleased about that, and although I have another challening project in mind, I think I will just pay my big mortgage down for a while and perhaps wait and see how gutsy I feel next year before embarking on this new one. I am booking some tickets today for a wee holiday in June. I’m going to fly to Rome, spend a few days right next to the Vatican City having a wander around and then meet up with an Intrepid tour of 12 people and head down to Naples and Pompie, Mt Vesuvios and Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Then I’m going over to France to stay with some friends who’ve recently moved there and will make the rest up as I go. I am excited by all this as I’ve never been to Europe before, always been too busy with businesses, kids etc to travel too far. I am hoping that by going on my own (would rather go with a friend but no one able to join me) I will get some real confidence about travel and it will become part of my lifestylefor the next 10 years or so. I’m thinking I’m going to go somewhere interesting every year, with or without travelling companions. Unless of course I hate it!! hahaha I hadn’t thought of that. Doubt it though. Can hardly wait to fossick through a second hand shop in France or Rome haha! Trying not to worry too much about the nagging little fact that I don’t speak the languages….oh well, it’s a 30 hour flight all up with a stop in Dubai and Auckland….I’ll practice the basics on the plane. I’m back on my keto diet after completely blowing it on the weekend with so much yum food to eat with all my sober mates. I hope to be a mere slip of thing by the time I travel, but judging by my diligence, and lack of results, over the last 8 weeks I won’t hold my breath!! Stay off the booze folks, and anything is possible. Have a glorious day. xoxox

    • oh wow what an amazing holiday!! i’ve travelled through Europe and it’s pretty easy to learn the few basic words you need in each country and get by with them and gesturing and english.. always pays to make an effort and the locals will appreciate it. Can’t wait for your posts from afar! Sober superstar hits the road! x

    • Italy…the home of my heart ~ n’mind the possible language barriers, there will be few:) Who doesn’t need a holiday after preparing taxes?! Ha. Good on ya @Prudence.

    • I want to come!!!! such hopeless timing for me though, so much happening…
      I am having a lovely peaceful start to the day after some cancellations, tea in bed, bone broth too lol – it is sooooo good it might turn you back to carnivorism. Happily back in the keto space too, loving it. Hey, love love loving having my place to myself. That is such an unexpected surprise – may not last. As much as I miss my friend, I have noticed my state of mind has changed. I am doing way more, with lots of focus despite feeling very tired and a bit low.

      • @morgan always special to get unexpected time to yourself in a quiet house!
        I really loved meeting and talking with you at Taka!

      • I think its a privilege to spend time alone in our own homes @Morgan. Don’t question it, just enjoy it xxx

        • I am just so pleasantly surprised – thought I would hate it, feel lonely and bad. It is early days, but I think I will get even better at enjoying it 🙂
          I enjoyed our talks very much @Gojo, though felt we barely began – time flashed by at an unhelpfully fast pace 🙁

    • Your trip sounds fun @Prudence! I hope you post while you are away on your well deserved break, not until June I see. I have some Italian cousins in the Sorrento area, because my grandfather came from the Naples area to New York when he was a teen ager. Some of his brothers also came to the US, but some siblings stayed in Italy. The U.S. and Italian cousins have stayed in touch and had some visits together. When my own daughters were teenagers, they each spent a summer as baby sitters for Italian cousin Moms, one in Sorrento, one in Ancona. They seemed to manage alright without much Italian when they took the children to the beach. I guess the communications for keeping children safe are universally understood!

      • Sounds like good fun for your daughters @Juliana seeing how the other half live! Yes of course I’ll do some posts when travelling, will look forward to reporting in xx

    • @Prudence I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say you will LOVE it -and I can totally see you losing yourself in travel over the coming decade – hope to join you in one or two excursions, that is going on my (growing) bucket list! I think travelling solo will be surprisingly empowering and not having to juggle somebody elses agenda will be refreshing. Guarantee you will come home with a notebook full of contact details of new friends. I was surprised in France at the number of people who didn’t speak french, even young people in Paris, although there are loads that do so you will be fine! I found there was some resistance from french people to speaking english to me (they would pretend they couldn’t) until I let them know I was from Nouvelle Zelande (they love the All Blacks btw) and not England! In contrast, I found the Italians fell over themselves to be friendly even if they didn’t speak english. Gestures worked well in both countries. Only time in Europe I was at a loss was booking an air bnb over the telephone to somebody who spoke only spanish, and with my zero spanish skills. Somehow we got there. No idea how. Divine intervention?

    • Yay for the DH sale!
      Your trip sounds wonderful @prudence ! We have done a number of trips with Intrepid and loved them all. Low impact local transport where possible and the trip leader is a facilitator rather than sheep herder. Go you!

    • Oh, trip sounds divine and u are my inspiration for getting book keeping things taken care of! I also wish very much to travel more, and think it would be spectacular to meet u one time for a journey! In am (in my opinion anyhow) a very good traveler and quite easy going as well as funny. But, I cannot be allowed to drive..that is my one drawback;). Anyway, have great fun, as I know you will.

    • Utterly divine, you will have such an incredible time. Oh my. You’ll be fine with a basic phrase book and a good intent in these two countries. Never mind second-hand shops @prudence, (they don’t really do them the way we do anyway) gorgeous hand-made new items are very reasonably priced there…even though exchange rates never work in our favour.
      I can recommend the little debit card you can get from the Post Office called ‘loaded for travel’. You buy X amount of Euros (at the post office) and then put these funds on it and then just use it to pay for things instead of your Eftpost or credit card and it’s more secure and you can top it up yourself as you need to – you do NOT want to be using your credit card in Rome machines if possible, it is likely to be skimmed (and nobody does travellers cheques anymore). Look it up. If you do need to take a credit card, take one with a small limit and consider insurance on it. Also they don’t really have internet cafes (or that’s how it was 8 years ago) as such but there’s lots of free or cheap wifi so if you have a cheap tablet or smart phone you don’t mind losing, check out how it will work with your service provider and take that with you. There’s some things to be aware of in Roma/Napoli but if you read up on Lonely Planet or similar you’ll get it. All so incredible *happy sigh*.
      Hey to get in the French mood I can recommend these two films on Netflix: Bad Seeds, and The African Doctor.
      The Hookup Plan is light fun. xxx

    • Thanks @Liberty very sensible advice, will follow up xx

    • That’s a wonderful itinerary, @Prudence. It’s all beautiful.

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