• Prudence posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Hello lovely Tribe. I’m having a lovely happy morning. Got up and went for a long walk and the sea was like glass and a full tide and it is just so gosh darned gorgeous sometimes I nearly burst. Then I went over to Akaroa Farmers Market and got my trusty yummy satay sauce, some gorgeous purple and yellow and red tomatoes that are now looking very inviting in my cool acqa dish I got at the antique fair. And some whitebait. My two brothers are due here any minute and coming over to stay the night. Alan lives in Oamaru and is up here for his cancer, to see when he can get the bag off, and ken, who had the same cancer (colon) four years ago is bringing him over. This is something we haven’t done in God only knows how long 30 or 40 years, spending a whole day and night and day in each other’s company. Ken and I want to really suss out how Alan is, and give him lots of support. Rory gave me a big crayfish to share with them so I’m just making a super duper all the extras salad. And if they play their cards right they will get some whitebait for another meal. Lucky buggers! I got a wee flash of something this morning just as I woke up. It was an amazing feeling of empowerment, difficult to describe but maybe like a pink cloud with icing on top and big juicy red cherries on top of that. It didn’t last long but it was very powerful and I am feeling extra good today. Got the house wide open with special music playing in here and on the deck. I’m on my 6th day of doing keto. Hard, but so far so good. I shall soon be a mere shadow of my former self, surely!!! hahaha probably only last a week, but there is a quiet wee determination there. I have seen the results of Georgia doing it for a few months, 12 kilos gone! And our very own @Morgan is testament to how well it works too. Georgia and Dane ar3e having a lovely time in Bali for Danés 30th birthday. Georgia seems to be doing an Instagram story holding a different divine looking cocktail every day!! Bit of a worry, could be chip off the old block! Bit of a long blurb this is turning out to be, it’s hard to tell coz I only see 3 lines worth as I’m writing it, and been interrupted by the phone twice. Oh well, might be a small novel, but never mind, haven’t been here much lately so you can have a big dose all at once. Happy days and nights to you all. Booze sucks, who needs it? Not me!!! xoxoxo

    • Mrs D replied 2 weeks ago

      I’m hearing a lot about Keto – sounds pretty darn healthy all those plants and protein (kinda like what I do really). Love your little pink cloud moment! Hugs x

    • Your updates make my life more exciting!!! Yeah to NZ adventures!
      (not the difficult family health news of course… I am very sorry to hear your brother has to experience this kind of suffering right now.)


      The tomatoes and sea and all that good stuff and keto….soak it all up. You worked and continue to work so hard for those blissful moments.

    • Ooh have an awesome time super legend you! ❤️❤️

    • A long walk by the sea sounds absolutely wonderful!!
      Where I live I had a short walk on the ice to get into my house!
      To compensate, I listen to “summertime” music while working out on my bike/ elepitical!

    • Sounding like a special day, loved reading this. And a special bro time coming up.
      Go you, 6 days keto! Any meat or being a pescatarian one? It is a good way to eat, truly. Love it. Give it a chance though. The young ones, and men, lose very quickly. We are more resistant in the main. You may not be as your diet was superb anyway.

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