• Prudence posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning brave souls. The sun is shining and the new day holds promise of enjoyment and achievement. I am off to the city today with a bit to accomplish, and then a haircut and then a visit to my intuitive therapist. Not a great deal wrong I need to talk about, I’ve even got over the way I was feeling last week. It is even better when I got there with no particular problem, he just sort of has this way of kicking me back into gear on all levels. He gets me more in touch with myself on the deeper level. He helps me see and feel my own spirit. So I’m looking forward to that late in the day. Not sure if our darling little @Wildchild has posted, but was nice to hear from her laswt night, sounding pretty calm and with a firm plan of action which is hopefully keyhole surgery next Monday. What an awful fright it has been for her and what a champion she is for the calmness and common sense approach she has taken. I’m pretty sure I would be a total mess. And our other very own hero @emjaycee is off this morning to the west coast to get ready for the Coast to Coast event. For those who aren’t New Zealanders this is a big annual event where they run, kayak and bike the whole width of the south island. 67 k’s of it is in the kayak, and there’s rapids and all. I am SO proud of Matt, this is just totally awesome. I told him this morning he should be the poster boy for getting sober!!

    I am thinking of having another LS gathering here, so I’ll put it out there and gauge interest. I’ve decided to just pick a date and those that can make it will come. It is too difficult to try to please everyone, plus I have to block it off for Airbnb etc bookings and it’s pretty busy. So, the date I am thinking of is the 22nd March. That is because there are two houses very close by that are not booked that weekend. Would probably need to be booked pretty soon. Unfortunately my nephews house is fully booked but my sisters above and one real close is available. Anyone who wants to come is welcome. You can all look after your own accommodation but I will post up some links when I get to my other computer coz I saved them on there. I am hoping it will still be lovely and warm in March and we can spend lots of time on the deck looking at the sea. It doesn’t matter how few or how many want to come, a big or a little crowd will bring fun and humour and laughter and connection and friendship and growth. So yeah Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March. Unfortunatley all the accommodation over here is pretty pricey. My sister and nephews places are now on Bachcare. There is a place up the road owned by a school in ChCh that they hire out for school camps and the like. I could check that out too if some want to rough it in cheaper accommodation. Anyway, just putting it out there, will post up 3 links soon, and they are from Bachcare, so there is Airbnb and and bookabach also to check out. Okay, over and out for now xoxoxo

    • Hi Prudence. so good to hear you are ‘in gear on all levels’! cripes, if only I was. I’ll keep an eye out for details about the weekend – we have something booked but it may not be happening. xx

    • That’s good ol’ South Island hospitality @Prudence. I do know the weekend will go well, no matter, how many will join you👌 Glad to hear that last weeks ‘feelings’ have been checked and you’re back to being ‘you’. Have a wonderful day, it’s grey but really cool right now, here in Tamaki Makaurau. Ma te wa 💖😃

    • Oohh I could be interested! Where about are you again lol South island somewhere? Sorry my memory is shocking!

    • I’m very keen but it seems possibly unlikely as it is my youngest’s birthday a few days before …. might be able to swing it 🤔

    • Hi @enzedgirl and @Marmite and @Timidwarrior and @Agent99 and @Cinderella ….while I was away in the city today I was looking in my dairy, and I can’t do this weekend after all, so will make it the following one. There is a music event on over at Okains Bay and a girlfriend is coming down from Napier for it and is going to introduce me to her friends over there so I’m feeling I should take that opportunity, I’ve been looking forward to it, just hadn’t realised the date. Sorry for the mess around. @Emjaycee said he’d come with his guitar and his kayak and his bike. Haven’t spoken to anyone else personally yet, I’ll stick it up on livinghealthy as well xoxo

      • Aww bugger I have my kids the following weekend. Argh well such is the life of a single mum lol

      • Oh dear can you re-add me to the FB group @prudence ? I’ll text you my silly FB name?

        Might be able to come the following weekend !

      • So… 29-31st March @prudence? I would love to come. Is ur place on public transport routes from Christchurch? Or is it best to stay at Akaroa? Or somewhere nearer to your home?

        • Oops… no, I cannot come that weekend. DH has already ‘booked’ that w/end to move his mother who has sold her house and moving even further north. Bugger! I was pretty excited already. Next time.

        • @April hopefully one of the ChCh crew would give you a ride over, and once we get some numbers the people coming will be booking houses with as many beds as possible, so you will be able to slot in there somewhere I imagine. It is best to stay in Takamatua, which will be listed as Akaroa but when you read the blurb look for the word Takamatua. It’s a bugger my nephews house is booked out, that would have been perfect, we used it last time

    • All the best @emjaycee !!

    • Hey @prudence dont think i will make it that weekend aye, fulltime teaching, if weather holds still be swim teaching. Have to pace self.Come down in school hols though 🙂

      • Ok wee buddy, we’ll have a big one on one instead xx when you coming down? Was it April? I am thinking of going to a retreat in Bali from 11th to 17th April. Got invited today. @Janus2

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