• Prudence posted an update 8 months ago

    @Janus2 how ya feeling today? Hope you’e feeling better now that you’ve got all that out of your system!! You forgot to replace the c with the p so you must have been real pissed off. Great news that the house might be sold and you guys can finally make your move. You’ve been through so much for so long and maybe now it is all going to go for you not against you. So please do not take on more than you are comfortable with. The 18 weeks for the teaching will be ok I think, knowing that it has an end date, but after that if I was you I’d focus on what you love best and do so well, smim teaching and tutoring. Also this way it is your own business and you will not have to be dealing with school politics and petty people. You guys will end up with another nice home to put your energy into too, and I for one want you to really enjoy that, and to have a bit of well earned peace in your life. By the way I was in fits laughing at your naughty post last night, and reading it out to Francis, coz he knows you are my friend and I keep him in touch of what you’re up to. hahaha I got tears down my face reading out the really bad bits. thanks for the entertainment mate. Hope today is a good one for ya. So much to look forward to xoxox

    • Hi @Janus2 ,hope you have had a good day. I second everything our wise wee Prudence says. I also had a good laugh at the c word, guess you really were P,d off. My greatest wish is for you to finally have good things going for you, and to be your own boss. You can do it, and the rewards will be amazing, and no petty b.s. from morons who don’t appreciate how smart you are. As for family drama, I have siblings who don’t speak to each other but would bad mouth each other to me(which was very stressful) and I have finally just decided to let them do their dumb stuff and stay out of it, and just let it go. Nothing I say will change the situation and will make me ill.I read a quote a while back, “Thoughts are like visitors, let them in, but don’t offer them a cup of tea” and that sums up my attitude. You take care of you and then “keeper” of a man my dear friend. Big hugs xoxox

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