• Prudence posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning team. So foggy outside I can’t see past the front lawn. Today is the day the first cruise ship of the season visits Akaroa, the first of 90! I’m quite amused that they won’t be able to see a thing, they will be here already. They put a lot of strain on the township, we simply don’t have enough infrastructure to cope with the massive influx, yet they bring business to the town so there are many for and many against.
    I am taking the plunge and packing today to go and see Francis tomorrow for a few days on the West Coast. Check him out in his own surroundings and will be going to a wee do in a local hall, meeting some of his friends, and also going to the open mic night in Punakaiki. And doing a few of his walking tracks with him. Bit nervous, but gotta be done. Sheesh! I’m a bit out of practice with this relationship stuff. Never begun a relationship sober before either. Quite handy that he doesn’t drink or smoke though, too pure! He has built his own hexaganel meditation hut at the bottom of his garden, I’ve seen a photo, it is raised up on poles so I imagine he will see the beautiful rugged coastline from it, but I’m not sure. He doesn’t have a TV, hasn’t for more than 25 years. I don’t think he has a stereo either, he listens to National radio. he is vegan too. Going to be a bit weird for me, to say the least. I listen to music all the time, it fills me up. So….yes….this will be interesting indeed. I’d say it will be a maker or a breaker really…….so who knows. I shall give you a report next week I guess. He is a man of many qualities, that much I do know………a very likeable man. Feeling a bit nervous, as ya would!! happy days and nights to you all xoxo

    • Nervous for sure Prudence, but so exciting! I am living vicariously through you. How did you meet this fellow? Hope you have an awesome time.

      • Oh well @Robynb I was going to say “ask me no questions and I’l tell you no lies” but that seems a bit rude. I was going tokeep it secret but what the hell, you guys are family, and my kids know all about it too. I went on an over 50’s dating site. Kids made me. Cringe! I put myself out there for one month, so did he, we connected. Both at same point in lives, ready to share. I also met a very wealthy Christchurch millionaire, he seemed like a sensible idea for me so saw them both for a little while, completely honest to each of them about where I was at, checking my options. Both lovely and interesting genuine men of obvious quality. Drawn more to the spiritual vegan aging hippie!! What can I say!! hahaha. Watch this space?

    • I listen to National Radio! @prudence lol there is music on it – really good music too i might add. How very exciting it all sounds and if its heinous you can always go home. I don’t think it will be heinous though. I think it’ll be fun. I hope you have a great time. Drive safe 🙂

    • How exciting for you @Prudence. He sounds ‘interesting’.

    • How exciting for you @Prudence. All the best for your West Coast trip,

    • Oh Wow! There’s a guy…with a hut…and ethics! This is sooo exciting!

      • @Frog and soooo confusing and confronting and challenging and scary and revealing…….of how good it is being alone!!! hahahaha

        • Fingers crossed it all goes well, but if not-we’ll it will have been a unique experience. He sounds like a person who lives by his ethics-hard to find these days. X

    • Wishing you all the best of luck, @Prudence. A man who is able to rely on his own thoughts and creativity and not be influenced by the media must be intriguing. Have fun learning more about him, but more importantly more about yourself.

    • So excited for you…. and all of us… an LS romance in the works.. YAY!
      Do tell and often….
      and the good stuff
      ok getting carried away.
      Have fun our @Prudence, you carry all of us with you, love ya!!

    • Have a super time – I’m so proud of you for taking the plunge and pushing out of your comfort zone. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.. xx

    • You deserve much happiness our pocket rocket. Have a great time and let us know how it goes. Love the idea of a meditation hut, but canot imagine you sitting still long enough to use it. Safe travels xoxox

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