• Prudence posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning wise brave warriors. It looks like a beautiful day is shaping up in paradise today and I am ready for whatever that brings. Daughter Georgia and her man might be coming over, but won’t know till she gets up. She has drinks after work on Friday at her job and that often defines how her Saturday is. She is a bit overwhelmed with how busy it has got at work, and in her life, and how much stuff is not getting done at home etc, and I have suggested to come over here, relax, talk, and kind of re-set herself. Sometimes you have to get away to look in and see from another perspective. I worry about the wee pet but well aware that many others have way bigger problems to face. all it takes is to think of our dear @Ro and her daughter’s massive ongoing injuries and surgeries and the hardship that creat3es for all concerned, and I realise how lucky we are. The luckiest thing I have done for my family is shown them what a life without booze looks like, what a person who used to love getting pissed and dancing round the room and behaving like a nutter…..what they are like when just their normal self. What they are like is me! I am probably not all that normal, but I am stable and strong and honest and loyal and dependable and happy and kind and loving and energetic and helpful and here for them at all times. Booze was fun (haha for 40 years) but when you look at the qualities it depletes, which become so much more enhanced with the lack of it, creating so much more richness and fulfillment in your life and the lives of those who love you, well it’s just one great big simple NO-BRAINER really isn’t it!! Booze sucks! Clarity is the new black!! We are flipping Heroes!! Winners!! People who love us are LUCKY!! People we love are even LUCKIER!!! Go forth into your worlds today with a secret wee grin, knowing you are rich inside, becoming the best you can be, knowing how strong you are and how wise, and how brave you are to go against the tide of convention. We don’t have to fit in. We KNOW who we are. We fit in with smart and real people. We fucking ROCK!!! Yeah!!

    • Awesome words for a new day thanks @prudence xxxxxx. Have a lovely time loving up your daughter!

    • You are all of that and more @prudence Very very special lady XO

    • @prudence wow just wow!! Felt every word of that just sinking in2 my soul. If any one is in any doubt about getting sober u have just struck that doubt down & annihilated it surely?!
      Love it xxx

    • Beaut day here too @prudence. Sitting on deck having fag and coffee. Bike today, may try a hill climb! Enjoy your day aye love ya♡

    • Sober revolution! I had that wee grin as soon as I read that part @prudence 🙂

    • Wonderful to read first thing xxxx was just lying in bed (at work uggghhhh – well, nice except for the co worker from hell), and thinking how much fun wine WASN’T, not for me, so I missed the fun part. Even those few occasions of hilarity and synchrony with friends – I think I would have actually loved them more without the blur. I missed the relax, free, party party feel. I can live without it 🙂 🙂
      Hope bookings start pouring in for all your ventures xxxx school hols – maybe I can see you????? A little time and space, joy.

    • Yes, we fucking do! Wealthy indeed.Have a great week end.

    • Thanks @prudence … Such great words after any fri nite/weekend triggers… To go forward in our lives today ‘knowing it is actually a GREAT thing’ to live AF. X

    • Thanks @prudence, I will carry the spirit of this post into the day with me. x

    • Love it!

    • Too right! xxx

    • LOVING this so much. And at the risk of sounding weird, I wish I had had a mom like you growing up, even with the booze you sound like a compassionate and hands-on parent, who is taking on the parent-pants well into your children’s adult lives. That’s what it is all about. We’re never meant to be perfect.

      But to be that constant soft spot in the world for our children…that is truly a life accomplishment like no other….and it is never too late to change and make amends. I always tell my therapist if only ONCE my mother had apologized and made amends, I’d be running back with arms wide open.


      Lots of amazing (!!) parenting on this forum. Blows my mind. I am learning so much each day even if I never have children of my own. Blessed to get a glimpse of what normal-enough families are like. Makes me happy! I keep telling my friends in “real life” the same thing. We just didn’t have that growing up but it is out there.

      Happy weekend you amazing soul you!!!!

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