• pooks45 posted an update 6 days, 16 hours ago

    Start of Day 3. The mind was trying to tell me last night that it was okay to go get a bottle of wine. I didn’t let it win.
    Here goes the start of a new day and more good cop bad cop in my head.
    Oh, and I have a cold 🙁

    • Yeah go You!!! It is never ok to get a bottle of wine. You spotted the lie, well done!

    • silly mind! You’ll shift those thought patterns eventually. I really struggled at first but now I NEVER think to myself that wine would be a good idea. Like, NEVER. Amazing. Neuroplasticity in action x

    • It’s that sneaky wine witch, creeping through your thoughts from time to time when you are perhaps a little weak. Let her know that she should piss off because she’s fired! Nothing to do for her anymore cause you’re your own boss now 🙂

    • Kick ass!! It gets a lot better and I’m only Day 9. Xx

    • You just slap that wine witch right into next week. She won’t even know what hit her. Keep going. She’s a sneaky bitch, but she won’t get by you!

    • oh the good old wine mind eh? ha ha, what a bunch of bloody bullsht, good job not believing a word it says!

      sorry to hear about the cold. poo.

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